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Thu, March 30, 2023 | 01:42
Korea's 'twin boom': twin rate rises to 5% among newborns
On New Year’s Day this year, Ahn Ki-hoon, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Korea University Anam Hospital, carried out a cesarean operation to help a pregnant woman deliver triplets. 올해 첫 날 고려대학교 안암병원 산부인과 안기훈 교수는 한 임산부의 세쌍둥이 출산을 돕기 위해 제왕절개 수술을 했다.
Korea could face natural gas shortage in winter
Concerns are growing over a possible shortage of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the upcoming winter as prices are expected to soar due to Russia’s supply cut to European buyers and Australia’s move to curb exports of key natural resources, market watchers said Tuesday. 화요일 시장 연구가들은 러시아의 유럽 국가들에 액화 천연 가스(LNG) 공급 중단과 호주의 주요 천연자원 수출 제한 조치로 인해 가격 급등이 예상되어 다가오는 겨울 LNG 부족 가능성에 대한 우...
'Squid Game' heralds new era in global entertainment industry
Actor Lee, director Hwang score historical wins at Emmy Awards 배우 이정재와 감독 황동혁, 에미상 수상으로 새 역사 써
Korea faces challenges similar to 2008 financial crisis: ex-Fed economist
Kim says prolonged trade deficit could be perceived as sign of economic crisis 김진일 교수, "무역수지 적자 장기화, 경제 위기 신호로 인식될 수 있어"
Young dissatisfied public servants eye jobs in private sector
A growing number of young public servants are quitting their jobs, a rush brought on and fanned by discontent over their remuneration packages falling far short of their peers, in the private sector, according to market watchers, Tuesday. 점점 더 많은 청년 공무원이 민간 부문에서 일하는 또래에 훨씬 못 미치는 보수와 처우에 대한 불만 때문에 공직을 떠나고 있다고 화요일 시장 연구가들은 말했다.
Frieze helps Seoul take big stride in Asian art market
The first weekend of September in Seoul was marked by one gigantic art-filled excursion, as crowds of eager collectors and other visitors flocked to COEX in the city’s Gangnam District for the inaugural landing of global art fair, Frieze. 서울 강남구 코엑스에 열성적인 컬렉터와 관람객이 한국에 처음으로 상륙한 글로벌 아트페어 '서울 프리즈’를 보기 위해 모이면서 서울의 9월 첫째 주 주말은 예술로 가득찬 대규모 여행으로 특징지어졌다.
Winners of Student Reporter Contest recognized at ceremony
The winners of the 2022 Korea Times-ETS Student Reporter Contest received awards for their outstanding achievements at a ceremony at the Korea Press Center, Wednesday. A total of 56 students from middle and high schools as well as universities across the nation were recognized for their creative work in the competition.
Typhoon batters Korea's southern regions
Typhoon Hinnamnor veered away from the Korean Peninsula on Tuesday morning, after slamming the country’s southern regions, leaving two people dead, 10 missing and thousands displaced. 6일 아침 한반도를 빠져 나간 태풍 '힌남노’가 국내 남부 지역을 강타해 2명이 숨지고 10명이 실종되었으며 수천 명이 이재민이 발생했다.
New Jeans denies sexual innuendo in lyrics
K-pop girl group New Jeans’ management agency Ador refuted claims that the lyrics of the quintet’s song, “Cookie,” have sexual connotations. 걸그룹 뉴진스 소속사 어도어는 이 5인조의 곡 '쿠키' 가사에 성적인 암시가 있다는 주장을 반박했다.
Personality tests become hugely popular among young Koreans
Kim Yeon-ju, a 30-year-old housewife, recently took a personality test to figure out who she is. 가정주부인 김연주(30)씨는 최근 자신이 누구인지 이해하기 위해 성격 검사를 받았다.