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Reporter : Kwak Yeon-soo
Sun, November 27, 2022 | 13:58
[INTERVIEW] Kim You-jung says persevering in entertainment industry wasn't easy
Kim You-jung is one of those few actors who found fame at a young age and has continued to find success in TV and cinema well into her adult years. However, the star said the process of persevering in the entertainment industry wasn't easy. The 23-year-old actress began her career at the age of four, working as a child model for a confectionery brand.
Exhibition explores zombie genre in Korean cinema
A special exhibition exploring Korea's zombie content and its rise to international fame is taking place at the Korea Film Museum in western Seoul. The exhibition, titled “All of Us are (Not) Zombies: 21st Century K-Zombie Chronicle,” features the clothing that actors wore during production of the 2016 hit film “Train to Busan,” a video showcasing how zombies move by choreogr...
Ma Dong-seok to star in comedy film 'Men of Plastic'
Following the success of “The Roundup,” actor Ma Dong-seok (aka Don Lee), is returning to the big screen with the plastic surgery-themed comedy-drama, “Men of Plastic.” In the upcoming film, Ma plays the role of Dae-guk, a man who was born and raised in Apgujeong-dong, an affluent neighborhood in Gangnam District in southern Seoul where plastic surgery and skin care clinics a...
Travel reality shows are back in the saddle
As the world opens back up, broadcasters are on board to shoot travel reality shows overseas. Countries worldwide, including Korea, have been lifting border control regulations related to the pandemic recently.
Actors Lee Jong-suk, Kim Rae-won unite in action film 'Decibel'
Actors Lee Jong-suk and Kim Rae-won are uniting for the action thriller film, “Decibel,” which revolves around a terrorist who attempts to plant a bomb in the city and a former naval officer who tries to stop him. In the film, Lee plays the mysterious Navy captain who plans a terrorist attack with a bomb that detonates when sound pressure reaches a certain level. Kim must try...
So Ji-sub talks marriage, starring in suspense thriller 'Confession'
For actor So Ji-sub, marrying his wife, TV personality Cho Eun-jeong, has changed his priorities in life. The actor, who tied the knot in 2020 at the age of 43, opened up about how his life has changed for good after he got married. “It's been really wonderful. I feel more emotionally stable and my insomnia disappeared after marriage. I absolutely recommend marriage,” he said...
Busy actor Lee Sung-min has spent a third of his life in character
Lee Sung-min is among the most diligent actors in the entertainment industry. Not only does he play lead roles, but makes frequent guest appearances in various films and television series. This summer he made cameo appearance on Lee Jung-jae's directorial debut film, “Hunt,” and Netflix series “Narco-Saints.” This month he plays a man in his 80s suffering from dementia lookin...
Yeo Jin-goo takes break from heavy material with light-hearted time travel-romance 'Ditto'
Yeo Jin-goo, who is returning to the big screen after five years with the time travel-romance film “Ditto,” said he has always wanted to do a romantic comedy while he is still in his 20s. “I had been filming heavy material, mainly portraying mature and serious characters. I wanted to try fun, lighthearted acting roles and include romance in my filmography while I'm in my 20s,...
K-pop fans gather in Seoul to compete in finals of 2022 K-Pop Cover Dance Festival
K-pop fans from around the world gathered in Seoul this month to compete in the finals of the annual K-Pop Cover Dance Festival (KCDF). A total of 87 contenders from 12 countries, including the U.S., Australia, Mexico, Indonesia and Turkey, advanced to the final round of the competition that was held on Saturday. The KCDF, which began in 2011, is designed to grow global inter...
As K-drama goes global, cultural sensitivity issues arise
Korean drama series are going global as they have become available to a wider range of viewers due to streaming platforms that offer subtitles in multiple languages. While enjoying global popularity, the Korean drama production industry now faces the new task of becoming culturally sensitive.
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