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Reporter : Kwak Yeon-soo
Sat, February 24, 2024 | 02:21
Two animated films enjoy increasing popularity at box office
While “Avatar: The Way of Water” has been topping the box office for a month, two animated films, one from Japan and the other from the U.S., are enjoying a surge in popularity at the box office since their launch at local cinemas a week ago.
Netflix to take 'K-zombie' genre to next level with 'Zombieverse'
Zombie movies and TV series are some of the most popular titles in Korea. From the 2019 horror drama, “Kingdom,” to the 2022 zombie thriller, “All of Us Are Dead,” Netflix has invested heavily in zombie stories. Now, it is looking to take the “K-zombie” genre to the next level by producing a zombie-themed reality show in partnership with Kakao Entertainment.
Kim Seon-ho, Cha Seung-won reunite with director Park Hoon-jung in 'Tyrant'
Actors Kim Seon-ho, Cha Seung-won and Kim Kang-woo are set to star in “Tyrant,” a neo-noir action film directed by Park Hoon-jung, known for “New World” (2013) and “The Witch” franchise (2018, 2022).“Tyrant” follows the story of people who try to retrieve the last sample of the “tyrant” program, a secret government project, after it goes missing.
Theater lovers disappointed with hike in ticket prices
When the first round of presale tickets for the stage play adaptation of “Shakespeare in Love” opened up in December, many theater lovers were shocked to find out that top ticket price was 110,000 won ($87). The lowest-priced ticket for the play was 50,000 won, higher than an average theater ticket price of 42,000 won, according to data from the Korea Performing Arts Box Offi...
Film 'Gentleman,' starring Ju Ji-hoon, sold to 42 countries
Film “Gentleman,” featuring actors Ju Ji-hoon and Park Sung-woong, has been sold to 42 countries across the world, its distributor said Thursday. According to Contents Panda, the list of countries includes Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Russia and Poland. The film is slated for release in Taiwanese theaters on Jan. 6, Vietnamese theaters on Jan. 27 and Mongolian theaters ...
Culture ministry vows to boost OTT industry
The government will provide financial, systematic and infrastructural support to boost production of dramas and films for over-the-top (OTT) platforms, according to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Thursday. The plan, which is a part of the ministry's key policy directives for 2023, comes with an aim to solidify Korea's reputation as a cultural powerhouse.
Veteran actor Na Moon-hee continues to push boundaries to reach younger audiences
Na Moon-hee is a tireless actor who has worked steadily on the stage, in film and television for over six decades. At the age of 81, she is still eager to do something new. Last October, she debuted as a TikTok creator to reach younger audiences.
'Slam Dunk' creator Takehiko Inoue on bringing comics to big screen
It was an extraordinary challenge for Takehiko Inoue, the creator of the all-time favorite manga, “Slam Dunk,” to turn the basketball-themed sports story into the animated film, “The First Slam Dunk.” The original comic, which sold more than 170 million copies worldwide, is the seventh best-selling manga series in history.
Genre fiction likely to lead book trend in 2023
With new works from genre-fiction authors Kim Un-su, Chung Bora and Yun Ko-eun, the year 2023 looks exciting for Korean literature. Kim will release his new novel “Big Eye” this year, completing his so-called “repugnance” trilogy of novels following “The Plotters” (2010) and “Hot Blooded” (2016).
Global rise of Korean soft power
There is no doubt that Korean cultural content has taken the world by storm. Netflix's smash hit drama, “Squid Game,” won major Emmys, including Lee Jung-jae's Outstanding Lead Actor award; director Park Chan-wook and actor Song Kang-ho brought home Cannes awards for films “Decision to Leave” and “Broker,” respectively; a K-pop category has been newly added to the American Mu...