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Sat, February 24, 2024 | 01:16
Europe emerges as fastest growing market for hallyu: report
Europe has emerged as the fastest-growing market for “hallyu” - or the rising global demand for Korean pop culture - according to an annual report published by the Korea Foundation (KF).
'The Glory' part 2 debuts at No.3 on Netflix's global chart
Netflix's revenge thriller series “The Glory” part 2 has landed at No. 3 on its global chart for TV series, just two days after its release.
Creator of 'Physical 100' reveals footage to refute rigging allegations
In response to weeks of rumors that the final challenge of Netflix's survival show "Physical: 100" was rigged, the show's producers said the claims are “untrue.” The production team held a press conference on Thursday, where raw footage of the final match was revealed. This comes after Jung Hae-min, the runner-up of “Physical: 100” accused the production team of intervening i...
'Cultural commonalities between Japan, Korea led to anime boom in Korea'
Makoto Shinkai, the filmmaker behind fantasy-adventure anime films such as “Your Name” (2016) and “Weathering with You” (2019), said Japan and Korea share cultural commonalities and that is why Japanese animated films are huge in Korea.
Son Suk-ku, Kim Sung-cheol confirmed to star in 'The Comments Army'
Actors Son Suk-ku and Kim Sung-cheol have been confirmed to star in “The Comments Army” (working title), a film based on a popular novel of the same name by Chang Kang-myoung.
[INTERVIEW] Kim Da-mi says she cried while reading script for 'Soulmate'
Actress Kim Da-mi said she was looking for a relatable, down-to-earth character after taking on strong roles in the 2018 sci-fi thriller “The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion” and 2020 hit series “Itaewon Class.”
Yoo Ah-in dropped from 'Hellbound' season 2 amid drug scandal
Actor Yoo Ah-in was forced out of Netflix's “Hellbound” season 2 amid an ongoing police drug investigation.
'Soulmate' is heartwarming love letter to female friendship
“Soulmate” is an endearing love letter to female friendship with two stunning performances by Kim Da-mi and Jeon So-nee. The two actresses, who co-star as best friends in the film, show that the bond of female friendship can be stronger than romantic love.
Travel reality shows featuring celebrity buddies become more common
It was once the norm for travel TV shows to explore aesthetically pleasing spots while offering travel tips on things to do and places to eat. However, now that there is an abundance of travel-related content on YouTube, broadcasters are shifting their focus to show more realistic circumstances of traveling as well as the interaction between celebrities.
Japanese director Makoto Shinkai to visit Korea in March to promote 'Suzume'
Makoto Shinkai, the filmmaker behind fantasy anime films, “Your Name” (2017) and “Weathering with You” (2019), will visit Korea in March to promote his new film, “Suzume.”