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Reporter : Kwak Yeon-soo
Sat, February 24, 2024 | 01:01
Kim Nam-gil to embark on Asia fan-meeting tour
Actor Kim Nam-gil will go on a fan-meeting tour in seven cities across Asia, according to his agency GILSTORY ENT on Thursday.
Palaces, Cheong Wa Dae offer cultural events to celebrate arrival of spring
Various cultural events are expected to take place at Joseon-era (1392-1910) palaces and Cheong Wa Dae (the former presidential office) in Seoul to celebrate spring's arrival. Flowers are expected to blossom at the end of this month before reaching peak bloom in April, according to the state-run Cultural Heritage Administration (CHA) Royal Palaces and Tombs Center.
Jeon Jong-seo discusses her first Hollywood role in 'Mona Lisa and Blood Moon'
Jeon Jong-seo said she found it liberating to play Mona Lisa Lee in her Hollywood debut feature “Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon.”
'Kill Boksoon' star Jeon Do-yeon talks about why she signed up without reading script
Before she even got her hands on the script for "Kill Boksoon," Jeon Do-yeon said she had already committed to the Netflix film. Eager to take on different roles and different genres, she agreed to be the co-lead with Seol Kyung-gu. “Kill Boksoon” marks their third collaboration following “I Wish I had a Wife” (2001) and “Birthday” (2019).
Park Sung-woong talks about filming 'Woong Nam' with comedian-turned-director
Actor Park Sung-woong is well-known for taking roles that are outside of his comfort zone. While most people know him for the 2013 crime thriller, “New World,” Park has appeared in many other noteworthy films such as “Inside Me” (2019), “OK! Madam” (2020) and “Gentleman” (2022).
Film highlights discrimination against Chosun schools in Japan
In 2010, the Japanese government waived high school tuition fees to reduce the burden of household education costs. However, 10 Chosun schools, providers of education for ethnic Koreans in Japan, were excluded from tuition exemptions because of their association with North Korea.
Kim Hee-ae, Moon So-ri team up for Netflix political drama 'Queenmaker'
Award-winning actresses Kim Hee-ae and Moon So-ri have joined hands for a new Netflix drama “Queenmaker.” The series will be directed by Oh Jin-suk, who previously directed “My First First Love” (2019), with a script written by Moon Ji-young.
Ortho-prosthetist hopes to make difference in amputees' quality of life
At least 10,000 amputations occur in Korea every year as a result of accidents, infections, or injuries. Kim Jung-hyun has been making prosthetics at Silobionic, a company established 14 years ago that ...
Environmental artist to exhibit garden inspired by Mount Jiri at Chelsea Flower Show
After an 11-year absence, garden designer and environmental artist Hwang Ji-hae is returning to the Chelsea Flower Show with her entry entitled “Land of Healing: Korean Mountain Light.” In 2011, Hwang won the Best Artisan Award and the Gold Medal at Chelsea Flower Show with “Hae Woo So: Emptying Your Mind: Traditional Korean Toilet.”
Film 'Rebound' to continue basketball boom following 'The First Slam Dunk'
Director Jang Hang-jun said he wishes to capitalize on the recent interest in basketball with “Rebound,” a film about the endeavors of a high school basketball team as they compete in a series of tournaments with the hope of winning a title.