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Reporter : Lee Yeon-woo
Sat, September 23, 2023 | 00:53
Asset tokenization poised to reshape investment landscape
The era has officially dawned in which various assets such as art, music and real estate can be fractionally divided and traded, much like securities.
Deutsche Bank announces expansion in Korea, reentry into Korean debt market
Deutsche Bank will expand its investment banking capabilities in Korea and reenter the local debt capital market, the global bank announced Monday. As part of such efforts, the bank has also made strategic appointments to its Korean business.
Banks woo younger generation with pop-up stores and digital wallet
Banks are striving to appeal to younger customers by reshaping their image to appear more youthful and dynamic, launching pop-up stores and user-friendly mobile payment systems. The efforts come as they have to compete with fast-growing internet-only banks.
Tired of traditional investments? Sports card collecting can offer astounding returns
“Hello, this is the bank. We are contacting you to confirm a recent deposit made into your account from the U.S. exceeding $20,000. Could you verify the purpose of this transaction?” Koo Ja-kyung, a dentist based in Daejeon who received the call, responded in a surprisingly composed manner. “I recently auctioned a sports card I owned in the U.S., and it seems like the proceed...
Prosecutors investigate former Kiwoom chief over alleged stock manipulation
Prosecutors have launched an investigation into allegations that former Daou Kiwoom Group Chairman Kim Ik-rae was involved in a stock manipulation scheme that caused the share prices of eight companies plummeting for no apparent reason in May.
Snowballing short-term BOK loans to gov't trigger concerns
The government's short-term borrowings from the Bank of Korea (BOK) have skyrocketed due to a steep decline in tax revenues, stoking concerns of potential side effects, including a negative impact on monetary policy.
Four groups show interest in acquiring HMM
Competition is heating up to acquire HMM, the largest shipping company in Korea, with four mid-sized conglomerates already expressing interest. According to investment banking (IB) sources, Wednesday, SM Group, LX Group, Harim, and Dongwon Group have reportedly received information memoranda, which provide investors with essential information about HMM, and started to review ...
Limited policy finance support could impede major export deals with Poland
As markets are opening up for large-scale export deals, such as defense and nuclear power plants, concerns are growing that limited financial support from Korean export credit agencies (ECAs) could potentially hinder timely assistance to companies.
Top 5 banks offload bad debt amid rising concerns over soundness
Banks are offloading bad debts due to soaring delinquency rates, signaling an urgent need for enhanced financial soundness management. In the first half of this year alone, the top five banks disposed of 2.2 trillion won ($1.7 billion) in bad loans, driven by high policy rates and economic uncertainties.
Colliers Korea appoints new managing director
Colliers, an investment management company that offers professional real estate services, has appointed Cho Sung-wook as its managing director in Korea, Friday, in order to reinforce its investment scale and boost its capabilities in the Asia-Pacific region.
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