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Reporter : Lee Yeon-woo
Wed, December 6, 2023 | 12:27
Woori establishes regional headquarters in Bangladesh
Woori Bank said Friday that it has launched a regional headquarters in Bangladesh.
Women's participation in leadership key to bolstering economy: UN
Women's economic participation has increased, but remains notably limited in pivotal industries that drive the global economy, such as infrastructure, technology and finance.
[INTERVIEW] Why is overseas remittance still challenging, costly in this global era?
When working in a country where there's a language barrier, what aspects of daily life would be the most challenging? Many things come to mind, but a primary concern might be accessing financial services, especially if your main reason for being abroad is to send money to your family back in your home country.
Should foreign workers' wages reflect their home country earnings?
President Yoon Suk Yeol recently reignited controversy over wage differentiation for foreign workers, citing the challenging situations faced by self-employed individuals as a reason.
Debate on total short selling prohibition intensifies in Korean market
Debates about the complete prohibition of short selling are intensifying in Korea, especially in light of recent illicit short-selling activities by global investment banks (IB), which have angered individual investors. Even the financial authorities, which continuously supported the full resumption of short selling, have now shifted their stance to reviewing the regulation f...
Korean banks retain NK branch licenses in case of thaw in relations
Despite strained inter-Korean relations, South Korean banks continue to hold licenses, thereby allowing them, one day, to establish branches in North Korea, if a thawing of ties occurs at some point.
Korean crypto exchanges struggle despite aggressive no-fee marketing
Despite launching aggressive no-fee marketing campaigns, Korea's crypto exchanges Bithumb, Korbit and GOPAX have failed to see significant results.
Weak yen dims Korea's economic prospects
Concerns are mounting over the potential negative impact of prolonged weakening of the Japanese yen on Korean exports which were expected to bolster the Korean economy in the second half of this year.
MyData's 2nd anniversary: subscriptions boom but innovation missing
The number of subscribers to 'MyData,' a service allowing consumers to manage all of their financial information on a single online platform, is booming, with operators boasting around 10 million subscribers each. Yet, doubts persist about its effectiveness, as it currently only displays customers' financial status without other functions.
Foreign victims of rental scams receive limited gov't support
'People around me say victims are not at fault. However, we find ourselves forced out onto the streets,' sobbed a Chinese woman who had fallen victim to a rental scam during a public hearing hosted by the main opposition Democratic Party of Korea (DPK), Sunday.
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