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Reporter : Lee Yeon-woo
Sat, March 25, 2023 | 19:39
Korean biz leaders to join president's trip to Japan
The heads of the country's major conglomerates will accompany President Yoon Suk Yeol on his upcoming visit to Japan next week, in hopes of seeking new business opportunities and resuming economic cooperation that was virtually halted following Japan's export restrictions on key industrial materials to Korea.
Kakao shareholders frustrated by protracted battle over SM
Shareholders of Kakao are expressing frustration after the internet company launched a tender offer earlier this week aiming to purchase a 35 percent stake in SM Entertainment. Investors are questioning whether taking over SM's management rights will help boost Kakao's plunging stock price.
Foreign investors turn to JYP amid intensifying battle over SM
Foreign investors are focusing their attention on JYP Entertainment while Korean investors are turning their eyes to SM Entertainment's skyrocketing stocks amid an intensifying battle between Kakao and HYBE over its management rights.
Haitai denies suspicions of inflating sales figures to boost share price
Haitai Confectionary & Foods is suspected of inflating sales performance figures by billions of won between 2016 and 2017, raising suspicions that it manipulated information intentionally to jack up its stock price. The head office denied the suspicions, blaming “regional sales offices” for the irregularities.
Why are women paid less than men in Korea?
A human resources expert with seven years of work experience in the field recently stirred controversy in an online community. The woman, identified only by her surname Kim, wrote in a posting that she had quit her job at one of the country's leading conglomerates to take care of her child.
Internet banks boost competitive edge with 'group accounts'
To find a breakthrough in the market dominated by commercial banks, internet banks are trying to gain a competitive edge with a new type of account that can be owned communally by several members. Called a “group account,” it allows internet banks to not only secure a monthly cash inflow but also attract more customers, both young and old.
Richest 10 percent hold 43 percent of assets in Korea
In one episode of the popular reality TV show “I Live Alone,” actor Kim Kwang-kyu sighs in front of an apartment building in southern Seoul's affluent Gangnam District. He just searched for the market price of his old apartment, where he had lived for six years before moving out. “I was asked to buy this home for 1 billion won ($750,000).”
Robots can reduce workplace injuries by 8%: report
Introducing robots in the workplace can reduce workplace injuries and improve workers' health significantly, according to a working paper released by the Bank of Korea (BOK) on Monday.
Why are Koreans getting unhappier despite economic prosperity?
A 53-year-old woman identified only by her surname Seo, who runs a kindergarten in Gwangju City, becomes overwhelmed by a sense of anxiety whenever she thinks about her future. Seo says the sense of anxiety is shared by most of her friends to some degree. “Most of my friends and I talk about life after retirement when we meet. My generation had no chance to think about saving...
Decrease in bank branches feared to hinder access by digitally vulnerable clients
The number of bank branches continues to fall as lenders increasingly focus on online financial services. The trend has raised concerns for digitally vulnerable people such as senior citizens whose accessibility to banking services may be hindered. It also could lead to unexpected blind spots.
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