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Mon, February 26, 2024 | 17:46
Fall events attracting Seoul residents in October
Fall is the season where local governments hold festivals and events, taking advantage of the mild weather. Here is a guide to local events happening in the capital for the rest of October.
City to build more bike lanes in Green Transport Zone
In line with its plans to cut vehicle emissions in downtown Seoul, the city government is laying out new bike lanes inside its Green Transport Promotion Zone. On Wednesday, the city announced it would finish building raised bike paths on a 2.6-kilometer section of Toegye-ro stretching between Hoehyeon Station to Dongdaemun History and Culture Park by May next year.
Prosecution makes partial concessions for reform
Prosecutor-General Yoon Seok-youl announced Friday that the prosecution will no longer allow the press the opportunity to photograph suspects or witnesses arriving for questioning by prosecutors. The reform was put forward to the President Moon Jae-in administration amid the ongoing investigation into Justice Minister Cho Kuk and his family over corruption allegations.
Massive rally against justice minister, President rocks Seoul
Hundreds of thousands of mostly elderly citizens gathered in Gwanghwamun Square and streets near City Hall and Seoul Station, Thursday, to vent their discontent at the Moon Jae-in administration, calling on Justice Minister Cho Kuk to resign over corruption allegations leveled against him and his family.
Seoul Street Arts Festival returns
Seoul Street Arts Festival (SSAF) returns this week, hosting a variety of contemporary performances throughout downtown Seoul from Thursday through Sunday.
Annual garden show injects new life into old neighborhood
Haebangchon, an old neighborhood perched on the foot of Mount Nam, is the new canvas for Seoul City's annual gardening show. In the last few weeks, artists and resident gardeners have transformed the quarter's grayer cavities into green islets. The result is charming.
Dog rescue efforts under spotlight in Korea
Frenzied barking broke out behind the fog as volunteers and reporters picked their way down a muddy trail to a dog farm just east of Seoul last week. It was the day the farm was being closed down. The din dropped as the group entered a small lot overlooking a rice paddy between the trees. Eyes peered out from rows of metal cages, studying the visitors.
Prosecutors search police agency over collusion in Burning Sun scandal
Prosecutors searched the Korean National Police Agency (KNPA) headquarters in northwestern Seoul, Friday, looking for evidence that could back allegations of cozy ties between the police force and Burning Sun nightclub.
IBA gives rights award to Hong Kong lawyers
Two Hong Kong lawyers, both vocal proponents of the ongoing pro-democracy protests, jointly received a human rights award from a global lawyers' association at an annual conference in Seoul, Thursday. Martin C. M. Lee, commonly referred to as Hong Kong's "Father of Democracy," and Margaret Ng, a civil liberty advocate, were jointly named by the International Bar Association (...
Seoul becomes networking hub for IBA members
The International Bar Association (IBA) Conference, the largest annual gathering of lawyers, is taking place in the Korean capital this week. As a result, the COEX convention center in southern Seoul has turned into a lively networking hub for some 5,000 legal professionals from around the world.
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