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Wed, December 6, 2023 | 12:39
What to know about new emission rules in Seoul
Starting Dec. 1, the Seoul Metropolitan Government banned old diesel and gasoline cars from what is known as ...
Singer Jung Joon-young given 6 years for gang rape, voyeur videos
K-pop singers Jung Joon-young and Choi Jong-hoon were sentenced to six years and five years in jail, respectively, Friday, after being found guilty on charges of rape and distributing videos of their crimes. The sentences followed the nation's worst sex-related crimes by celebrities scandal, which involved drugging and sexually assaulting women at the Burning Sun nightclub, t...
Forced labor victims, civic groups slam speaker's compensation proposal
Surviving South Korean victims of wartime forced labor and civic activists are dismayed by National Assembly Speaker Moon Hee-sang's proposal to compensate the remaining ex-forced laborers here via a foundation funded by both Japanese and Korean companies and the remaining funds in the now-defunct “Reconciliation and Healing Foundation” for sex slavery victims under Imperial ...
Korea, Thailand sign MOU to curb flow of illegal migrant workers
The justice ministry will work with Thailand's labor ministry to prevent the flow of unregistered migrant workers to Korea, according to an agreement signed between the two ministries on the sidelines of the ASEAN-Korea Commemorative Summit, Monday.
Exploring Korea through historic soundscape
Walking through the new Seoul Museum of Korean Folk Music does not require a power-reading session of endless dates and summaries. Everything is by ear. “Minyo,” or “people's songs,” drift from a constellation of speakers installed on the walls.
2 marine accidents take place in Jeju, Gunsan
A 24-ton fishing vessel with a crew of 14 sank off the coast of Mara Island, located just southwest of Jeju Island, around 6:05 a.m., Monday. Most crewmembers managed to escape, with the Korea Coast Guard finding four of them on the ship's lifeboat and nine in the nearby waters. One still remains missing. Two of the 13 rescued crew-members were pronounced dead on their arriva...
More gig workers recognized as employees
For Park Jung-hoon, 34, working for food delivery platforms played out like a survival game. Whether it was for local food delivery apps or Uber Eats, which recently pulled out of the Korean market due to competition from homegrown players, Park was considered a freelancer. This made him self-sufficient in the eyes of the law, despite the fact it was his full-time occupation ...
Korean students take to streets to support Hong Kong protest
Hundreds of university students here rallied in downtown Seoul to show their support for pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, Saturday. “Stand for freedom, stand with Hong Kong,” the students shouted as they marched from Seoul City Hall to the Chinese Embassy.
Gov't announces measures to protect immigrant wives
Korean men with criminal records will be banned from bringing foreign marriage migrants to the country, and foreign wives who suffer domestic violence will be able to easily report to police through a multilingual app, the government said, Friday.
Tracing the foundations of South Korea's political system
Suh Hae-sung's latest project pieces together records as far back as the mid-1800s, tracing the very roots of the democratic government system now in place in South Korea. The records range from an 1884 Korean newspaper clipping introducing the three way separation of powers in western states to the very first draft of Korean Constitution written in 1919, trumpeting democrati...
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