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Tue, September 26, 2023 | 07:58
Five years on, truth of Sewol disaster still shrouded in mystery
The 2014 Sewol ferry disaster left a painful and lasting imprint on Korean society. Ahead of its fifth anniversary on April 16, ceremonies have taken place since the weekend to mourn its 304 victims and to keep pushing for better safety and disaster response systems.
Liberian man struggles to find foothold in father's country
Suh Kwan-woo, 31, is running out of time. Before his temporary asylum-seeker visa ends, he needs to find his Korean father, a man called Kang Nak-ki who worked for Daewoo Engineering & Construction in Liberia in the late 1980s.
'Pro-choice!': Constitutional Court rules against abortion ban
The Constitutional Court overturned the country's 66-year-old abortion ban Thursday, saying it was unconstitutional to bar women from terminating a pregnancy in its early stages as it prevented them from making their own decisions. In a seven-to-two decision, the court ruled that Articles 269 and 270 of the Criminal Act, which sentences women who have abortions to up to one y...
Wander around Seoul's first public secondhand bookstore
An old warehouse, previously used for storing American marketing giant Amway's products in southeastern Seoul, has been turned into the city's first public secondhand bookstore.
'Provide sign language in live disaster reports'
Activists calling for disabled people's rights rallied in front of the National Human Rights Commission building in downtown Seoul, Tuesday, calling on the country's news broadcasters to provide proper sign language interpretation - especially at times of crisis.
Calls grow to hire firefighters as central gov't workers
Public support is growing to change the job status of firefighters to central government civil servant positions from the current local government status, for more systematic mobilization of the firefighting workforce and improvement of their working conditions.
Ex-President, Samsung heir likely to face Supreme Court rulings soon
One year after a lower court sentenced her to jail for corruption and influence-peddling, former President Park Geun-hye faces a Supreme Court appeal decision with her confidante Choi Soon-sil and Samsung scion Lee Jae-yong.
Roy Kim also member of K-pop stars' spycam sex clip group chat: police
To the dismay of fans, acclaimed singer Roy Kim is the latest figure allegedly involved in the growing sexual misconduct scandal involving male K-pop stars, which surfaced earlier this year from the ongoing investigation over drug, rape and prostitution allegations at Gangnam's upscale clubs.
Donuimun Museum Village gets retro makeover
Donuimun Museum Village, a dense cluster of historic buildings and alleys saved from demolition for Seoul's 2017 architecture biennale, is now a theme park for those who want to experience an earlier Seoul.
'Opposition lawmaker's daughter got 'free pass' in KT hiring process'
In the latest revelations of the Korea Telecom (KT)'s hiring scandal, prosecutors said an opposition lawmaker's daughter skipped the first two screening steps and failed an online test before she landed a full-time job at the nation's second-biggest telecommunications company.