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Thu, September 21, 2023 | 23:59
Prosecution's discontent builds up against judiciary reform bill
The top prosecutor's public opposition to a judiciary reform plan is triggering a flurry of angry comments from prosecutors, as if implemented it will give greater autonomy to the police in investigations and divide the prosecution's exclusive power to indict with a new anti-corruption agency.
Police sets up new drug-control department
The Korean National Police Agency (KNPA) said Sunday it will set up a new department to investigate illegal drug use in response to an increase in the number of related crimes.
Why divorce is more difficult for abused foreign wives
For Kat (pseudonym), a Cambodian woman who divorced her abusive Korean husband in 2015, renewing her F-6 visa every year is a distressing process. Though the court which dealt with the divorce suit stated the cause of divorce was attributable to her husband's physical violence, she must resubmit hospital records and harrowing photos of injuries from the beatings to renew her ...
A secret garden in Seongbuk-dong opens its gates
Seongnagwon, a quiet garden and former royal villa in Seongbuk-gu, northern Seoul, opened its gates to the public, Tuesday. Seongnagwon means “a garden for enjoying nature's beauty outside the Hanyang (former name of Seoul) city walls.” Emperor Gojong's fifth son, Yi Gang, used it as a royal villa during the late Joseon Kingdom (1392-1910).
Abandoned rural schools turn into camping sites for Seoul citizens
Located a 20-minute drive southeast of central Sangju City, the Yongpyo branch of Nakdong Elementary School closed its doors in 2015. The former school building now hosts a camping site for families, one of Seoul City's projects that turns empty school buildings in scenic landscapes in the countryside to weekend getaways for city-dwellers.
K-pop stars face investigation over alleged gang rape
An alleged victim of sex and drug crimes committed by K-pop stars has filed a complaint against singer Jung Joon-young and four other members of an exclusive group chat room, Friday, saying they raped her and filmed the incident while she was passed out at a party in 2016.
Appeals court rejects disclosure of 2015 sexual slavery deal with Japan
The Seoul High Court overturned a lower court ruling that ordered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to disclose details of its 2015 settlement with Japan over the issue of wartime sexual slavery, Thursday.
Korean, Vietnamese lawyers condemn civilian killings by Korean troops during Vietnam War
Korean and Vietnamese lawyers gathered at the Seoul Bar Association's Seocho office in downtown Seoul, Wednesday, calling on the government to investigate and provide reparations for the killing of Vietnamese civilians by Korean soldiers during the Vietnam War.
All public buses in Seoul to be wheelchair-accessible by 2023
Seoul Metropolitan Government announced its second five-year plan to ensure the rights of disabled residents in the capital, Tuesday, four days ahead of April 20 Disabled People's Day in Korea.
2019 Seoul 365 Fashion Show kicks off
Seoul 365 Fashion Show is back. The first show took place at Seoul Plaza, downtown Seoul, Monday. Bowlloon, a small one-person designer brand that has been around for 6 months, showcased its spring casual collection on makeshift runways set up near City Hall.