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Fri, September 22, 2023 | 00:13
'Libel suit against Chun needed to bring justice to Gwangju citizens'
For Father Cho Young-dae, the ongoing libel suit against a former dictator has more at stake than just his uncle's honor. “The things Chun said about Father Cho Bi-oh (Cho's uncle) in his memoir, it's defamation not just against Cho but also the clergy and the people of Gwangju,” he said in a phone interview Tuesday.
Gyeonggi governor cleared of all charges
A Suwon court cleared Gyeonggi Province Governor Lee Jae-myung of charges of abuse of power and violating the Election Law, Thursday, saying the governor's actions to commit his brother to a mental health facility could not be seen as an abuse of his authority.
Historical value of Seongbuk's 'secret garden' called into question
The temporary opening of Seongnagwon, a small private garden in a residential area in Seongbuk-dong, northern Seoul, generated a media frenzy last month. The generous media attention is now unraveling into scrutiny, following a scholar's claims that the garden's history provided by the CHA is uncorroborated and possibly false.
UN food agency opens branch office in Seoul
The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) opened a new branch office in Seoul at Seoul Global Center, Monday. “We welcome the establishment of an FAO branch communication office in Seoul, the most respected international organization in the agriculture, fishing and food sector,” Mayor Park Won-soon said in a press statement. “We will continuously strengthen t...
Four teenagers sentenced to jail for death of student
Four teenagers charged with assaulting a middle school student - leading him to jump off a high-rise apartment in Incheon to escape their bullying - were given jail terms, Tuesday.
Bus fares likely to increase nationwide
Faced with mounting pressure to prevent a planned strike by bus drivers, Wednesday, the central government is leaning toward a resolution that would raise bus fare. “The central government will provide financial support and public charter buses to tackle problems due to reduced working hours for bus drivers, such as the need to hire more people. Nonetheless, from a realistic ...
Foreign students in Korea face higher health costs
Foreign students who stay in Korea for over six months can expect to shoulder higher medical insurance costs starting July, when a new law kicks in to enforce their compulsory registration in the state healthcare insurance system.
Downtown hotel in Jongno to be turned into youth housing units
An 18-floor hotel near Dongmyo Station on Seoul Metro lines 1 and 6, will be refurbished into housing units for young people, the city government said Wednesday.
Seongdong-gu to open multilingual library for multiracial children
Seongdong-gu in eastern Seoul will open a multilingual library for young citizens from multiracial families in June. The small library will hold some 2,500 children's books in foreign languages to be organized by country.
'Send your pets to school,' Seoul City says
Every Thursday afternoon, pet owners and their furry companions walk into a special classroom on the second floor of Seoul Pet Education Center in Guro-gu, southwestern Seoul. Each group takes a seat in an assigned makeshift cubicle, set up to prevent sudden scuffles and barking matches between the main participants - dogs.