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Fri, September 22, 2023 | 00:46
Animal rights groups slam lawmakers for not banning dog meat trade
Animal rights groups have called on lawmakers to pass an amended Animal Protection Act banning dog meat consumption here. During a rally in front of the National Assembly, Friday, protesters set up a symbolic altar piled with life-size replicas of electrocuted dogs at farms. One activist held up the actual remains of a puppy that had died from poor conditions at a dog farm.
UN expert to assess privacy violations in Korea
A U.N. special rapporteur will visit Korea to investigate allegations of surveillance by intelligence organizations of citizens and their illegal collection of data as well as other privacy violations, a human rights groups said Thursday.
Teaching Korean at height of raging K-Wave
Satchukorn Kaewchuay, a high school Korean language teacher in Thailand, has no trouble keeping his students focused in class. “I use examples that refer to EXO or BTS and the students perk up and participate,” Kaewchuay told The Korea Times at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts in central Seoul, Tuesday.
Gallery gets Seoul citizens to rethink urban spaces
Seoul, a city that hosts one-fifth of the country's population, now has an exhibition hall dedicated to generating public discussion on urban landscapes and architecture. Located just across the street from City Hall, the Seoul Hall of Urbanism and Architecture tracks the city's changes through time with each descending floor. The main exhibition on the first basement floor h...
Average Seoul household debt over $44,000
The average household in Seoul is over 52 million won ($44,000) in debt, according to a 2018 survey data from the Seoul Institute. The institute examined the financial situations of 1,000 citizens over the age of 19 from April to May last year and calculated the average debt level to be 52.6 million won.
Seoul mayor pledges more public housing for newlyweds, youth
Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon has pledged to focus on expanding public housing during his remaining three years in office. Park, a three-time mayor of Seoul likely to join the next presidential race, says he will focus on policies that directly improve citizens' lives - such as housing and childcare services - amid the country's prolonged economic slump.
Is it OK to wear shorts at work?
Seoul Metropolitan Government first introduced a relaxed dress code in the summer of 2012, after a new energy conservation policy banned government offices from cooling down indoor temperatures to less than 28 degrees Celsius. As summer heat waves get longer and more intense here, other regional governments are following suit. Suwon city adopted the relaxed dress code last su...
Seoul prepares for aging population
Seoul, the capital of one of the fastest-aging developed nations, is making plans to accommodate an increasing population of “graying” residents. Last week, it opened the first dementia prevention garden in Geumcheon-gu, southwestern Seoul, where 13 percent of the population is considered to be at risk of dementia according to the local health center.
Seoul unveils new Dream Board for summer
Seoul City has unveiled its new Seoul Dream Board to encourage people to overcome the blistering summer heat. The message for this summer season that is displayed on the outer wall of the Seoul Metropolitan Library is “You who faces the sun, are acting as someone else's shade.”
'World lawyers would welcome North Korean counterparts'
South Korean lawyers are trying to invite lawyers from the North to the International Bar Association (IBA) conference, one of the biggest annual gatherings of lawyers, which will take place in Seoul this fall, according to the head of its organizing committee.