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Reporter : Ahn Seong-jin
Sat, February 24, 2024 | 02:22
Korea's two-track diplomacy between U.S., China losing luster
The government's two-track diplomacy of separating its national security and economic interests is raising some serious questions on its efficacy, after Seoul experienced some negative consequences in recent weeks that seem to be byproducts of the ongoing diplomatic row between the U.S. and China. 최근 몇 주간 정부가 미국과 중국 사이의 계속되는 외교 분쟁의 부산물로 보이는 부정적인 결과를 경험한 후 국가 안보와 경제적 이익을 구분하려는...
Concerns rise over increasing mass rallies
Mass demonstrations and rallies are now being allowed with the government's "return to normalcy" plan that has eased social distancing regulations against COVID-19, raising concerns over the possible spread of the coronavirus among participants. 코로나19에 대한 사회적 거리두기 규제를 완화하는 정부의 '단계적 일상회복’ 정책에 따라 대규모 시위와 집회가 허용된 가운데 시위 참가자들 사이에 코로나 확산에 대한 우려가 높아지고 있다.
'Meaningful representation of women' needed in decision-making roles: BlackRock senior official
Greater female participation on company boards is vital not only to meet the fiduciary duty to clients but also to create long-term values at companies, a senior official at the world's largest investment management firm said Wednesday. 수요일 세계 최대 자산운용회사의 고위 관계자는 여성이사 비율을 높이는 것이 그저 수탁의무자로서의 접근법이 아니라 기업의 장기적인 가치 창출을 위해서도 필수적이라고 말했다.
Korean members of boy group ONF to start military duty next month
All the Korean members of K-pop boy group ONF are set to begin their compulsory military service in December, according to their management company WM Entertainment, Wednesday. 지난 수요일 K-pop 보이 그룹 온앤오프의 소속사 WM 엔터테인먼트는 온앤오프의 모든 한국인 멤버들이 12월부터 군복무를 시작한다고 전했다.
'Escape from Mogadishu' leads nominations for 42nd Blue Dragon Awards
The nominations for the 42nd annual Blue Dragon Awards were announced Monday with director Ryoo Seung-wan's "Escape from Mogadishu" taking the lead as the most nominated film. 월요일 제42회 청룡영화상이 후보작들을 발표한 가운데 류승완 감독의 영화 '모가디슈’가 가장 많은 부문에 이름을 올렸다.
Obsessive fans are happier: study
Obsessive fans of K-pop and those who hold a deep interest in another particular area tend to be happier than others, according to a recent study. 최근 연구에 따르면 K-pop 열성 팬들과 특정한 분야에 깊은 관심을 가진 사람들이 다른 사람들에 비해 행복한 경향이 있다.
Korea's oldest combat techniques text to become national treasure
Korea's oldest-known fighting arts manual, titled "Muyejebo," published in 1598 to train soldiers of the 1392-1910 Joseon Kingdom in armed combat techniques, is among seven cultural heritage items to be newly added to the list of state-recognized treasures, the Cultural Heritage Administration (CHA) said Friday. 금요일 문화재청은 조선시대(1392~1910) 군사훈련을 위해 1598년 출간돼 국내에서 가장 오래된 무예서라 불리...
'Subcontracted employee's mistake caused network outage'
A mistake by an employee of a firm KT outsourced for its routing work was to blame for the nationwide network disruption earlier this week, the Ministry of Science and ICT said Friday. 금요일 과학기술정보통신부는 지난주 초에 발생한 전국적인 네트워크 오류가 KT 협력업체 직원에 의해 발생한 라우팅 작업에 때문이라고 전했다.
DL E&C wins three IDEA Design Awards
The company won both the bronze award for its e-Pyeonhansesang apartment home design and the main award in the Digital Interaction category. The company's high-end brand ACRO also won the top award in the Environments category. DL이앤씨가 e편한세상 아파트 디자인으로 IDEA 디자인 어워드 주거 부문에서 동상과 디지털 상호작용 부문에서 본상을 수상했다. 또 하이엔드 브랜드 아크로는 환경 부문에서 본상을 받았다.
Educators expresses concerns over timing of resuming in-person classes
Concerns are being raised among teachers and parents of students in elementary, middle and high schools across the country over the starting point of a "Living with COVID-19" scheme and whether schools can resume full in-person classes immediately or should postpone them until after the College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT) slated for Nov. 18. 사회적 거리두기 계획의 실행 시점을 두고 학교들이 전면 ...
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