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Tue, November 29, 2022 | 16:34
Shipbuilders hit by delayed entry of Vietnamese welders
Shipbuilders might have to pay significant amounts of money to their clients in compensation for late vessel deliveries, due to the indefinite delay of the arrival of some 1,100 Vietnamese welders in Korea originally planned for the fourth quarter, according to industry officials, Monday. The shipbuilding welders are reportedly being reviewed by the Vietnamese authorities, as...
COVID vaccine pass app developer launches world's 1st decentralized instant messenger
Blockchain Labs, the developer of the world's first COVID-19 vaccine pass app, COOV, held a press conference on Monday to announce its launch of the world's first decentralized instant messenger app, Blockchat.
Hyundai Glovis to reuse EV batteries for ESS business
Hyundai Glovis signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) last Friday with Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power, Sinan County and LS Electric to develop power grid models using new and renewable energies, so as to fulfill carbon neutrality pledges and enhance utilization efficiency.
[INTERVIEW] Platform economy to sustain solid growth after COVID-19: McKinsey
The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly changed the working environment of most companies locally and globally, prompting employers to adopt work-from-home systems in order to protect their employees from infection and maintain smooth operations. Tech firms providing IT platforms were among the main beneficiaries of the new trend of remote working, as they have earned handsom...
Dongsuh Foods draws attention as rescued miners survive on instant coffee mix
Dongsuh Foods and other food firms producing instant coffee mixes have drawn public attention, since it was confirmed that two miners, who walked out alive of a collapsed zinc mine in Bonghwa County, North Gyeongsang Province, last Friday had survived on instant coffee mix, when they were trapped in the mine for more than nine days.
Mourning death of CJ chairman's mother
Samsung Electronics Chairman Lee Jae-yong, left, and his mother, Hong Ra-hee, former director of the Leeum Samsung Museum of Art, walk into a funeral home in CJ HumanVille in Seoul, Sunday, to mourn the death of Lee's aunt, CJ Group adviser Sohn Bok-nam, mother of CJ Group Chairman Lee Jay-hyun. Hyundai Motor Group Executive Chair Chung Euisun, Hanwha Solutions Vice Chairman ...
Financial risks weigh on Lotte E&C's bids for construction projects
Concerns over Lotte E&C's financial soundness are widely being seen as the main reason the builder lost to Daewoo E&C in a bid to win a 790-billion-won ($563 million) order to redevelop a 115,000-square-meter site in Yongsan District in central Seoul, according to industry officials, Sunday. During last Saturday's vote to select the company to take charge of the largest redev...
Data center fire feared to damage Kakao's earnings further in Q4
Sluggish third-quarter earnings from ads and games put the brakes on the rapid growth of Kakao which is expected to face a further decline in profits during the fourth quarter, due to last month's fire at the company's main data center, which caused the worst-ever disruptions in its services. The mobile messenger app operator said Thursday that its third-quarter operating pro...
SK On narrows operating loss in Q3
SK On, the electric vehicle (EV) battery manufacturing subsidiary of SK Innovation, showed that it expects to benefit from the U.S.' Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), amid lingering uncertainties about when the company will start making a profit. During Thursday's conference call on SK Innovation's third-quarter earnings, SK On Vice President Ryu Jin-suk, who is in charge of the...
POSCO International, Hardt to collaborate in hyperloop project
POSCO International CEO Joo Si-bo and Hardt Hyperloop CEO Bertrand Van Ee signed a letter of intent in Incheon, Tuesday, to seek collaboration in a next-generation high-speed transportation system project.
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