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Reporter : Jung Min-ho
Sat, June 3, 2023 | 07:28
4 South Korean activists arrested for executing orders from Pyongyang
Four South Korean activists have been arrested on charges of carrying out orders from Pyongyang as the investigation into an alleged North Korean spy ring gains traction.
South Korea, US to expand size and content of joint military drills
South Korea and the United States agreed to expand the size and content of their combined military drills on Tuesday to counter intensifying security threats from North Korea amid growing skepticism here over Washington's commitment to provide extended deterrence.
Over 76% of South Koreans support development of nuclear weapons
Over 76 percent of people in South Korea support the idea of arming their country with its own nuclear weapons to counter growing security threats from North Korea, a new study showed.
Seoul to work with Hanoi to pursue peace on Korean Peninsula
After more than three years of no progress on the issue of peace for the Korean Peninsula, Seoul is now exploring ways to renew efforts in the country where it came to a sudden halt - Vietnam.
Gov't seeks to limit where child sex offenders can reside
Korea will seek to limit where convicted high-risk sex offenders can reside after finishing their prison sentences in an effort to better protect children and women.
9 North Korean workers in Russia defected to South Korea
Nine North Korean workers dispatched to Russia as part of the regime's efforts to collect U.S. dollars recently defected to South Korea amid Vladimir Putin's war in Ukraine, according to an expert familiar with the issue Wednesday.
Men self-harm or fake mental illness to avoid military duty
A football player damaged his own wrist with heavy dumbbells. Another man even lost his hearing after subjecting his ears to loud horn sounds. Some others faked mental health conditions. They all did so for the same purpose: dodging their compulsory military service. For many, the almost two years of service is a thankless task given to all able-bodied men born in South Korea...
North Korea intensifies war against South Korean culture
It's almost impossible to meet all the requirements of a true Juche socialist in North Korea. Having a birthday party, divorcing a spouse, watching a South Korean movie and being unemployed can all be regarded as “non-socialist” or “anti-socialist” behaviors. According to a new report released Thursday, the regime under Kim Jong-un has intensified its campaign against such pe...
New book highlights 'ambitious' sister behind North Korea's leader
Who will succeed North Korean leader Kim Jong-un if something suddenly happened to him? This has become one of the most frequently asked questions about the reclusive state since his health issues came to light three years ago. The book, authored by Yoshihiro Makino, former Seoul bureau chief of the Asahi Shimbun, a Japanese newspaper, provides no clear-cut answer to that que...
US defense secretary likely to visit South Korea this month
U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is expected to visit South Korea later this month as the allies seek to bolster deterrence against evolving nuclear and missile threats from North Korea. Speaking to reporters Tuesday, an official at the Ministry of National Defense said the two countries are in talks to arrange his possible visit to Seoul, but declined to reveal details.
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