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Reporter : Jung Min-ho
Fri, August 19, 2022 | 23:43
[INTERVIEW] 'Repatriation puts fear in eyes of all North Koreans,' rights expert says
South Korea's 2019 decision to repatriate two North Korean fishermen was a violation of its U.N. treaty obligations and investigators should find out who was behind sending them to a North Korean torture chamber, if not worse, according to a human rights expert. Suzanne Scholte, the chairwoman of the North Korea Freedom Coalition and a Seoul Peace Prize winner, told The Korea...
North Korea blames balloons from South for COVID-19 outbreak
North Korea has blamed balloons from South Korea for its COVID-19 outbreak, claiming that two people in the border area started showing symptoms after coming into contact with “alien things coming by wind” from the South. Citing health authorities, the Korean Central News Agency, Pyongyang's official mouthpiece, reported Friday that a soldier, 18, and a child, 5, at Ipho-ri i...
Negative views of China among Koreans hit all-time high: survey
Negative views of China among Koreans are at a historic high of 80 percent, a recent survey shows. According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center, a nonpartisan American think tank, unfavorable views of the neighboring country among Korean nationals have increased substantially over the last several years after China's economic retaliation for Korea's decision to d...
Korea to launch council to resolve forced labor issue with Japan
Korea will launch a council on July 4 to resolve the issue of wartime forced labor - one of the biggest obstacles blocking the improvement of its relations with Japan. According to government sources Thursday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is reviewing ways to foster good relations, which soured over the past several years after Korean court rulings that found Japanese comp...
Korea will stick to principles despite China's objection, PM says
South Korea will continue sticking to its diplomatic principles despite China's complaints - or threats such as expanded THAAD retaliation - Prime Minister Han Duck-soo said regarding Beijing's open opposition to Seoul's participation at the NATO Summit in Madrid. “There have been concerns that China may retaliate with economic measures. But if the country does so, we should ...
Family has 'right to know': UN rights expert calls for transparency in official's death
A United Nations human rights expert on Tuesday called for the release of more information about the incident in which a government official was killed in North Korean waters. He was quoted by the victim's brother as saying that his family has “the right to know.” At a meeting in Seoul with Lee Rae-jin, the elder brother of the fisheries official shot dead by the North two ye...
Seoul offered to repatriate North Koreans against their will before Pyongyang demanded it, lawmaker says
The previous Moon Jae-in administration offered to repatriate two North Korean fishermen in 2019 even before Pyongyang made such a request, because “their intention to defect (to the South) was not sincere,” according to intelligence documents. The information, was revealed Monday by Rep. Tae Yong-ho of the ruling People Power Party (PPP).
Ex-NSO chief denies allegation he 'fled' to US
Suh Hoon, the former director of the National Security Office (NSO) who has stayed quiet on the death of a South Korean official by the North Korean military in North Korean waters two years ago, recently went to the United States on a tourist visa, a ruling party lawmaker alleged, Monday.
Ex-NSC members accused of burying truth behind killing of fisheries official
The National Security Council (NSC) under the previous government is accused of having told the Ministry of National Defense to change its official position on the death of a South Korean official two years ago so as to obfuscate the facts behind the incident involving North Korea.
Joint probe team launched to target voice phishing scams
A small business owner in his 40s was found dead in Busan on Feb. 25. It was later found that he had been swindled out of more than 160 million won ($123,000) by a telephone scammer before committing suicide. To prevent such tragedies and respond more effectively to voice phishing (or vishing) scams, which have become more sophisticated in recent years, the government will la...
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