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Sat, March 25, 2023 | 06:44
DNA knows your ancestral roots - YouWho offers to crack that code [VIDEO]
Shin Shang-cheol, co-founder and co-CEO of EDGC, a genetic analysis company in Incheon, is Korean. But ethnically, it is a bit more complicated: he is 47.71 percent Korean, 26.56 percent Chinese, 23.44 percent Japanese and some other roots originate from Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. Shin made this assessment based on his test results from YouWho, which can trace peopl...
Bolton's memoir shows Trump is only hope for North Korea and 'Moonshine' policy
Top U.S. officials in current and past administrations have maintained that “the complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization” is an essential precondition for any negotiations with North Korea. A new book by former National Security Advisor John Bolton suggests that President Donald Trump has been the only one open to other possibilities. In his memoir, “The Room W...
Korea's population to halve in 80 years: study
Korea's population will halve in 80 years and by then two Asian countries - Indonesia and the Philippines - are expected to outgrow its GDP, according to a study in the medical journal Lancet. The analysis, published Tuesday, shows that Korea's population, which was estimated at 52.67 million, including foreigners, in 2017, is projected to reach a peak of 54.29 million in 203...
Colorful lotuses in full bloom [PHOTOS]
Lotuses are in full bloom at the Lotus Village in Hwacheon, Gangwon Province, Wednesday.
Police reveal identity of another key suspect in 'Nth room' case
Police have disclosed the identity of a man accused of being involved in running the notorious porn channels on the Telegram chat app. According to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency Wednesday, Nam Kyung-eup, 29, was an accomplice of Cho Ju-bin, 24, who called himself “baksa (doctor).” Together, they operated chat rooms in which they sexually abused many women.
Bug fear: 36,000 Incheon households told not to drink tap water
Health authorities have advised some 36,000 households in Incheon not to drink tap water after residents reported that tiny bugs had been found in it. “So far, we have received 23 complaints in which residents say they found larva-like insects,” the Incheon city government said Tuesday. “For everyone's safety, we advise 36,000 households in Wnaggil, Dangha, Wondang and Majeon...
Busan to fine beachgoers for not wearing masks
Visitors to some of Busan's most popular beaches will have to wear masks or face hefty fines. Starting July 25, the city's health officials will impose fines of up to 3 million won ($2,500) for those not wearing masks at five beaches - Haeundae, Songjeong, Gwangalli, Dadaepo and Songdo - as part of the efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19. With the Haeundae District Office'...
Mourners say goodbye to late Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon [PHOTOS]
A woman cries as she leaves the memorial altar for late Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon in Seoul, Sunday. Park, a strong contender for Korea's next president and a former human rights lawyer, took his own life Thursday, a day after he was accused of sexual harassment.
A short break from the scorching sun [PHOTOS]
People wait for a green light under a sun shelter in Seoul, Thursday. Temperatures in the capital reached 34 degrees Celsius in the afternoon.
'Digital Prison' reveals identities of child porn site operator and judges who released him
The operator of “Digital Prison,” an overseas-based website, has revealed the identities of infamous child porn site operator Son Jong-woo and three judges who recently rejected the U.S. government's extradition request for him. The unidentified operator says the purpose of creating the site was to “punish the criminals with the punishment they would fear the most - exposing ...