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Reporter : Jung Min-ho
Fri, September 22, 2023 | 23:58
[ANALYSIS] Concerns of Korea getting dragged into war in Taiwan are inflated
After a new Seoul-Washington-Tokyo security pact was sealed last month to reinforce cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region, critics in South Korea claimed that the deal could expose their country to a greater risk of “being drawn into” a potential war over Taiwan - a volatile superpower flashpoint.
Major arms deal between Kim and Putin 'very likely,' experts say
After Russia invaded Ukraine last year, experts on North Korea warned that the conflict could lead to a dangerous partnership between Pyongyang and Moscow.
UN rapporteur urged to help lay groundwork to prosecute North Korean leader at ICC
Evidence of atrocities committed in North Korea by the Kim Jong-un regime is abundant. Therefore, human rights activists are wondering whether the evidence collected in the South would meet the U.N.'s requirements to bring him to justice at the International Criminal Court (ICC).
Korea joins Freedom Online Coalition
Korea, under President Yoon Suk Yeol's leadership, has officially embraced the Freedom Online Coalition (FOC) as a strategic partner, championing the cause of online freedoms and human rights in its diplomatic endeavors.
Kim's visits to naval facilities show direction of North Korea's nuclear strategy: experts
While reporting on its latest drill for a “tactical nuclear attack,” Sunday, Pyongyang released photos of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un inspecting a ship engine factory. The facility, situated on its west coast near the border with China, assumes an “irreplaceable responsibility for strengthening naval forces,” Kim said while presenting his policy direction for “opening a n...
UN rapporteur closely watching signs of China deporting NK defectors
Elizabeth Salmon, the U.N. special rapporteur for human rights in North Korea, said she has been closely monitoring China for any signs of a resumption in the forced repatriations of North Korean escapees as the two countries ease border restrictions. In a statement recently sent to The Korea Times, Salmon recognized the grave risk of human rights violations facing the escape...
Seoul urged not to give up on abductees in North Korea
When a North Korean agent hijacked a Korean Air flight carrying his father and forced the pilot to land in North Korea in December 1969, Hwang In-cheol was only two years old.
[ANALYSIS] Bloody purges may be imminent in North Korea amid worsening food crisis
A bloody purge of high-ranking officials appears to be imminent in North Korea as Kim Jong-un, its dictator, searches for scapegoats amid a worsening food crisis, according to analysts.
[INTERVIEW] Author lays out case for nuclear-armed South Korea
A recently signed trilateral security agreement between Seoul, Washington and Tokyo promises to strengthen regional defense against North Korea's unfolding nuclear threats.
Recidivism rate prompts gov't to 'pay attention to' public opinion on resuming death penalty
The Ministry of Justice is now paying close attention to recent changes in public opinion on resuming the implementation of the death penalty. In response to inquiries sent by The Korea Times recently, the ministry said its stance on the issue has not changed - that there should be a thorough review before deciding whether to carry out capital punishment again.
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