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Reporter : Jung Min-ho
Sat, June 3, 2023 | 07:43
[ANALYSIS] North Korea's latest weapons test aims to undermine kill chain system
North Korea has tested a high-thrust solid-fuel motor that analysts say could allow quicker and harder-to-detect launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) with the apparent aim of undermining - and ultimately incapacitating - South Korea and the U.S.' anti-missile system. The missile engine test, which was conducted Thursday under the supervision of leader Kim J...
Consumerism emerges in North Korea as middle class grows
Although many North Koreans still worry about how they will find their next meal, North Korea's growing middle class and its interest in consuming culture have given rise to more diverse goods and services in the North, as the regime embraces it as contributing to stability rather than as a threat, a recent study shows.
Chinese envoy blames Korean media for China-bashing
Chinese Ambassador to Korea Xing Haiming blamed the Korean media for creating anti-China sentiment among the Korean public, claiming that some media outlets are using China coverage as click bait.
'Maximum pressure had worked': Pence's memoir reveals how Trump dealt with North Korea
North Korea had long been the master of its own game: The regime knew exactly how to get what it wanted through war threats while suggesting it would give up its nuclear weapons while seeming to have no intention of actually doing so. However, when the Trump administration reacted differently to Pyongyang's renewed bombast and threats with far more serious and realistic conse...
Seoul, Beijing agree to seek summit in South Korea
The foreign ministers of South Korea and China agreed to strengthen bilateral diplomatic ties, Monday, as the two countries seek to hold high-level exchanges, including a summit in Seoul, “in the new era of cooperation.” According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Minister Park Jin and his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi held a virtual meeting and agreed to “maintain exchange m...
Motion calling for sacking interior minister approved
The opposition-controlled National Assembly passed a motion, Sunday, calling for removing Interior Minister Lee Sang-min from the Cabinet post over his “failure” in handling the Itaewon crowd disaster, which killed at least 158 people on Oct. 29.
Gov't seeks to revise deportation law to protect North Korean escapees
The government is pressing ahead with amending the law to protect North Korean escapees from repatriation against their will amid an investigation into the 2019 decision to send back two North Korean fishermen despite their obvious resistance.
British peacemaker presents idea to break stalemate in Korea
After two Pyongyang-Washington summits that ended without an agreement, North Korea has refused to talk over the last three years, while intensifying its efforts to develop nuclear weapons. This situation paints a bleak future for the Korean Peninsula and the world. The chances of a conflict escalating into a nuclear catastrophe in the region are greater than ever before and ...
North Korea's strong interest in climate change offers opportunity for cooperation
Under the national principle of Juche, or self-reliance, North Korea shows almost no interest in working with other countries for a common cause. Yet North Korea sent a representative to last month's 27th U.N. climate change conference, known as COP27, in Egypt. The North also sent a representative to COP26 in Scotland a year ago.
[INTERVIEW] Author of 'Silent Invasion' warns against non-citizens' right to vote
The Chinese government has been accused frequently in recent years of trying to influence politics in other countries, including through direct interference in elections. Only several weeks ago, a Chinese woman living in Delhi under a false identity was arrested on suspicion of spying on senior officials of the Indian government. In January, a British lawyer of Chinese herita...