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Reporter : Jung Min-ho
Sat, March 25, 2023 | 07:57
Deadly Halloween crush kills 154, injures 133 others
A festive night in Itaewon, a popular nightlife district in Seoul, suddenly turned deadly, Saturday, in one of Korea's worst peacetime disasters. The tragedy occurred among people crammed into a narrow, inclined alley next to Hamilton Hotel. As of 10 p.m., officials have confirmed that 154 people have died and 133 others were injured. Most of the victims were in their late te...
US midterm election results could complicate denuclearization of North Korea: expert
South Korea should prepare for a United States controlled by more isolationists and skeptics regarding American intervention in foreign affairs as Washington braces for a major Republican win in the upcoming midterm elections, according to a security expert on Northeast Asia.
North Korean defector found dead in Seoul home
A defector who was once hailed by the media as a successful resettlement case was found dead in her home in Seoul. Authorities believe nearly a year has passed since she died, given how much her corpse had decomposed and the fact that she was found wearing winter clothes. She was 49. According to police in Yangcheon District Tuesday, her body was discovered on Oct. 19 by an o...
Opposition leader under siege as corruption probe expands
When prosecutors were investigating key officials at Seongnam Development Corp. last year for alleged corrupt business deals with property developers in the past, Lee Jae-myung, the city's former mayor, denied close ties with any of them. Speaking to reporters on Oct. 3, 2021, Rep. Lee, now the chief of the main opposition Democratic Party of Korea (DPK), had said that only a...
Embattled opposition party chief claims innocence as prosecutors close in on confidant
Main opposition Democratic Party of Korea (DPK) leader Lee Jae-myung denied allegations of involvement Friday as his right-hand man faces arrest for allegedly receiving bribes prosecutors believe were used to finance Lee's election campaigns. Lee called for a new investigation led by an independent counsel, as he accused the prosecutors of carrying out a political repression ...
Yoon doubles down on fighting 'pro-North Korea' faction
President Yoon Suk-yeol isn't backing down despite criticism from multiple opposition parties. Speaking to reporters Thursday, Yoon doubled down on his previous remarks that he would fight what he calls a “pro-North Korea Jucheist faction that is an anti-state and anti-Constitutional force.”
Ex-presidential chief of staff questioned over deportation of North Korean fishermen
Former presidential chief of staff Noh Young-min was questioned Wednesday over his role in repatriating two North Korean fishermen against their will in 2019 as prosecutors expand their investigation into who gave the final order. This comes a day after prosecutors asked judges to issue arrest warrants for former Defense Minister Suh Wook and former Coast Guard Commissioner G...
[INTERVIEW] Son still yearns for father abducted by North Korea decades ago
When a North Korean agent hijacked the Korean Air flight carrying his father and forced the pilot to land in North Korea in December 1969, Hwang In-cheol, who was just two years old at the time, did not know how the incident would later shape his own life. After international outcry, Pyongyang promised to repatriate all 50 passengers and crew on Feb. 4, 1970, only to break it...
Pressure grows to investigate ex-president over possible cover-up
The prosecution is under increasing pressure to investigate former President Moon Jae-in as questions emerge over who ordered the deletion of intelligence reports, potentially pointing to an important clue as to how the fisheries official ended up in North Korea's waters, where he was shot dead two years ago.
[INTERVIEW] Moon partly responsible for Korea's failure to keep UN Human Rights Council seat: expert
Ruling party lawmakers have blamed the previous Moon Jae-in administration for South Korea's recent failure to keep its seat on the United Nations Human Rights Council, accusing it of shutting its eyes to North Korea's gross and obvious violations of human rights while seeking to improve inter-Korean relations throughout his five-year term. Phil Robertson, deputy director of ...