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Reporter : Jung Min-ho
Sat, August 20, 2022 | 00:17
[INTERVIEW] 'Korea's population outlook makes immigration talk inevitable'
GWACHEON - Without the inflow of foreign workers, Korea is already shrinking. After deaths outnumbered births for the first time in November 2019, the gap has widened since. A chronically low birthrate, which hit an all-time low of 0.92 that year, suggests that the trend is only going to accelerate and that the country will face massive labor shortages in the decades to come ...
EU opens borders to Korean travelers
The European Union (EU) has reopened its borders to travelers from 14 “safe countries,” including Korea, amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The 27-member bloc decided to allow leisure trips from Wednesday (local time) as it struggles to revive economic activity while fending off new waves of the disease.
[EXCLUSIVE] Over 41,000 undocumented immigrants leaving Korea under amnesty program
More than 41,000 undocumented foreign nationals living in Korea have left the country - or have promised to do so in the near future - over the past six months under a special amnesty program. Korea Immigration Service (KIS) Commissioner Cha Gyu-geun told The Korea Times in a recent interview that 41,176 foreign nationals staying here illegally - more than 10 percent of the e...
Three taekwondo athletes jailed for beating man to death
Three taekwondo athletes have been convicted of killing a man who was trying to protect his girlfriend from them at a Seoul nightclub. The Seoul Eastern District Court on Thursday sentenced each of the three - all 21-year-olds majoring in taekwondo at college - to nine years in prison for murdering the victim on Jan. 1 after he took issue with them for taking his girlfriend b...
Red Cross photos offer glimpse of life during Korean War [PHOTOS]
The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has revealed previously unreleased photos of the Korean War (1950-53), offering a glimpse into the devastation, plight and hope in the face of hopelessness during the conflict. Most of the photos feature soldiers, prisoners and refugees in South Korea. One shows a grinning boy shaking hands with an ICRC official at a prison ...
Childbirths drop 10.4% in April as population decline looms
The number of babies born in Korea dropped 10.4 percent in April from a year earlier, in the latest sign underscoring a looming population decline. According to Statistics Korea Wednesday, 23,420 babies were born in April, compared with 26,151 in April 2019. It marks the lowest number of newborns for any April since the state agency started keeping records in 1981.
South Korea conducts military drills amid rising tensions with North [PHOTOS]
South Korean military forces conduct self-propelled artillery drills in Paju, South Korea, near the North Korean border, Monday. Tensions are rising in border areas after North Korea destroyed an inter-Korean liaison office at the Gaeseong Industrial Complex last week in anger after South Korean civic groups sent anti-regime leaflets into the North.
Korea to restrict visas for visitors from Pakistan, Bangladesh
The government will strengthen visa and entry restrictions for visitors from Pakistan and Bangladesh after reporting a surge in new COVID-19 cases imported from the two Asian countries. Under the precautionary measures, set to come into force Tuesday, authorities will not issue new visas to Pakistanis and Bangladeshis except for diplomatic and urgent business purposes. Author...
World Taekwondo chief celebrates World Refugee Day with dreamers in refugee camp
World Taekwondo (WT) President Choue Chung-won celebrated World Refugee Day (June 20) with young refugee athletes, whom he called “an inspiration” to everyone who loves the sport. During a video call on June 19, Choue said he would support Syrian refugees at the Azraq Refugee Camp in Jordan and their dreams of competing in the Olympics one day, according to the global governi...
Rice and masks for people of North Korea [PHOTOS]
Members of a North Korean defector-run group in South Korea prepare to send rice and masks to North Korea by sea at a park in southern Seoul, Thursday, two days after North Korea destroyed an inter-Korean liaison office at the Gaeseong Industrial Complex.