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Reporter : Lee Min-young
Thu, November 30, 2023 | 00:19
[VIDEO] How aliens are created by special effects makeup artists
Who gives life to creatures in movies? Special effects makeup involves hyperrealistic characterizations and special makeup used to portray creatures such as aliens and monsters.
[VIDEO] Who takes care of rabbits? Meet Korea's rabbit veterinarian
A lot of animals are not your ordinary cats and dogs. They include reptiles, parrots, rabbits, guinea pigs, meerkats and many other animals.
[VIDEO]Living in fear: why these foreign actors chose to leave the Korean entertainment industry
Since he arrived in Seoul in 2011, Kentucky-born actor Kenneth Fibbe had actively pursued his acting career with an E-6-1 visa - a special permit for foreigners seeking to engage in profitable activities in the field of music, acting and the arts, among others.
[VIDEO]'I was bullied by my agency': foreign entertainers and notorious agencies
Seoul-based model/actress Renee Simone was spending time with her family at her home in New Jersey when she received a shocking message from her friend in Korea. According to the message, she had been accused of theft by her Korean management company. “Unbeknownst to me, the agency reported me to police and requested damages and fees, claiming I had stolen money from them,” S...
[VIDEO]Nica's story of foreign entertainer sex trafficking in Korea
Nica was employed as a singer in bars catering to U.S. soldiers and expats in Pyeongtaek and Ansan in Gyeonggi Province, Okpo on Geoje Island in South Gyeongsang Province, Yeosu in South Jeolla Province as well as the nation's second-largest city of Busan.
[VIDEO] Belarusian circus artists deceived, hurt by Korean agency
The duo was employed on the three-level cruise ship which carries hundreds of passengers along the coast, passing the city’s major tourist spots such as Dolsan Bridge, Odong Island and Expo Ocean Park. During the tours, audiences gathered on the lower deck of the cruise ship to watch Duo Candy’s circus show featuring rolla bolla (balance board), acrobatic stunts, juggling, fi...
[VIDEO] Emptied streets after tragic Halloween night in Itaewon
A day after the deadly accident in Itaewon, the area has been cordoned off by police tape, and personal belongings of victims were scattered along the edges of an alley in Seoul's Itaewon on Sunday afternoon, where hundreds of people celebrating Halloween were crushed together the night before.
[VIDEO] Halloween night ends in deadly nightmare in Itaewon
At least 153 people have been killed with 133 others injured in a deadly stampede in Seoul's Itaewon district, as huge crowds of partygoers stampeded at late-night Halloween celebrations, fire authorities said Sunday. The accident took place Saturday night in a narrow downhill alley near Hamilton Hotel in the famous nightlife district after a throng of partygoers flooded into...
Jin of BTS to fulfill mandatory military service from end of this year
Jin, the oldest member of K-pop juggernaut BTS, will begin his compulsory military duty soon, the group's agency, Big Hit Music, said, Monday. The announcement comes amid ongoing discussions at the National Assembly on revising the Military Service Act to exempt the seven members of the boy band from military service to recognize their contribution to the country's culture in...
Barbers take their talent to world competitions
With the increase in high-quality hairdressers, Korea’s old-school barbershops, or “yibalso” in Korean, became far less prevalent in the nineteen eighties. However, more traditional men’s haircutting and beard-trimming services are finding new popularity here in the form of trendy but retro barbershops.
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