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Reporter : Lee Min-hyung
Fri, December 8, 2023 | 08:32
FTC to probe Google's alleged unfair practices in online search ad market
The Fair Trade Commission (FTC) has decided to look into whether Google Korea unfairly exerted monopolistic influence while operating its search advertising business here, the antitrust watchdog said Monday.
BMW releases new 7 Series in Korea
BMW Korea has diversified its flagship vehicle lineup with the launch of the 2024 BMW 7 Series here, to cement its status as the nation’s most sought-after luxury car brand.
Korean Air tackles global aviation uncertainty with agile decision-making
Korean Air is proving its resilience with agile decision-making at a time of global aviation uncertainty. The company is the only airline here and abroad to report a surplus for nine consecutive quarters from the second quarter of 2020 despite the global pandemic shock.
GM shines as Renault, KG struggle to drive sales growth
General Motors (GM) Korea reported remarkable vehicle sales growth last month, while Renault Korea Motors and KG Mobility continued to display lukewarm performances during the same period.
Asiana employees anxious about job security after cargo unit sale
Employees of Asiana Airlines' cargo business are increasingly concerned about job security following the sale of the unit to facilitate Korean Air's acquisition of the country's No. 2 carrier, officials said on Friday.
Canada's agriculture minister visits Homeplus
Homeplus CEO Lee Jae-hoon, left, poses with Canada’s Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Lawrence MacAulay, at Homeplus Mega Food Market’s Gangseo District store in southwestern Seoul, Thursday. MacAulay visited Korea to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Korea and Canada. Homeplus is a major sales channel for Can...
Asiana's board votes in favor of delayed takeover by Korean Air
Asiana Airlines’ board of directors came to a belated agreement to unload its cargo business and accept a string of other proposals by Korean Air to facilitate a takeover by the country's No. 1 carrier, which has faced considerable delays, according to company officials, Thursday.
Saudi Arabia's World Cup hosting reignites debate over its human rights records
Controversy surrounding Saudi Arabia’s violation of human rights is resurfacing across the globe after the country became the de facto host for the 2034 World Cup, according to human rights groups and news media outlets, Thursday.
Korea-Ireland business roundtable
Korea Enterprises Federation Chairman Sohn Kyung-shik, front row fifth from left, poses with Ireland’s Trade Minister Simon Coveney, front row sixth from left, before holding a meeting with the latter’s delegation to discuss ways of enhancing economic and business ties between the two countries. Courtesy of Korea Enterprises Federation
Asiana Airlines grapples with mounting debt amid delayed acquisition by Korean Air
Asiana Airlines is struggling with worsening finances, as the planned acquisition by Korean Air has hit a snag following an unexpected disruption in the cash-strapped airline’s recent board meeting.
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