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Reporter : Lee Min-hyung
Tue, September 26, 2023 | 07:25
CEOs of securities companies visit UK, Republic of Ireland
More than a dozen leaders of local securities firms embarked for the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, Sunday, to inspect potential business opportunities and risk factors in real estate markets in the region.
Large-cap tech shares rally after BOK's rate freeze
Korea's major large-cap tech stocks extended a sharp rally, Thursday, buoyed by foreign investors' mass-buying spree, after the Bank of Korea (BOK) announced its widely anticipated decision to freeze its key rate. The latest monetary decision kept the interest rate gap between Korea and the United States unchanged at a historic high of 1.75 percentage points, but this has not...
Financial association to host ICSA annual conference in Seoul
The Korea Financial Investment Association (KOFIA) will host the annual conference of the International Council of Securities Associations (ICSA) in Seoul next month to discuss the latest issues in the global capital market.
Will foreign investors extend record buying spree of Samsung shares?
Samsung Electronics shares are picking up renewed momentum after a rebound on foreign investors' stronger-than-expected buying sprees.
Households pushed to pay debt on rate hikes, shrinking asset market
Amid high interest rates and sluggish sentiment in the stock and real estate markets, fewer people are borrowing money and more people are trying to pay back loans. As a result, the nation's total household debt reported the largest quarterly decline between January and March.
UAE explores investment opportunities in Korea
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is on track to execute $2 billion (2.63 trillion won) of investments in Korea's promising growth areas such as energy and information and communications technology (ICT), the Korea Development Bank (KDB) said in a statement Monday.
Korean retail investors eye Japanese stock market on weakening yen
Retail investors are increasing their bets on the Japanese stock market, which has displayed an unexpectedly outstanding rally buoyed by exporters' stellar earnings thanks to a weak yen.
Why money flows into internet-only banks from legacy lenders
Legacy banks are losing appeal among customers, as internet-only banks become the more attractive option for depositing savings, data showed.
Osstem Implant set to be delisted from stock market
Osstem Implant is on its way to being delisted from the Korean stock market after its major shareholder decided to put that option up for a vote at the upcoming shareholders' meeting in June.
Crypto market should abide by similar regulations as legacy banks: BOK
Korea's financial authorities should introduce a similar level of regulation to the cryptocurrency market as rules concerning legacy banks, since any possible financial fiasco from crypto trading may end up causing serious damage to the real economy, the Bank of Korea (BOK) said in a report Thursday.