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Reporter : Lee Hae-rin
Sun, October 1, 2023 | 21:07
Korea-China air routes to be suspended during summer vacation season
Korean airlines are poised to suspend some of their air routes between Korea and China due to a drop in demand over China's travel visa restriction on tour groups to Korea. According to the aviation industry, Tuesday, Korean Air, the country's largest full-service carrier, will suspend its major Korea-China route between Gimpo and Beijing from Aug. 1 to Oct. 28.
Torrential rain to hit greater Seoul area Tuesday
Seoul and its surrounding areas are forecast to see up to 100 millimeters of heavy rain with a chance of thunderstorms for two days until Tuesday as the annual monsoon season has begun, the state weather agency said Monday. According to the Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA), the country will see heavy showers from Monday to Tuesday, with Seoul forecasted to receive 40...
[INTERVIEW] Jeju researcher transforms Ieodo folklore into modern fairy tale
JEJU ISLAND - For a long time, Ieodo, a submerged rock in the southernmost maritime territory of Korea that only appears when waves hit high, has been believed to be the home of the spirits of dead fishermen from Jeju Island.
Travel authorities to tackle overcharging at rural festivals
The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Thursday, announced a plan to tackle overcharging at regional festivals across the country by enforcing price control measures and campaigning amid growing criticism of the issue.
[INTERVIEW] Dutch singer-songwriter recounts memories, experiences of Korea
When Dutch jazz singer-songwriter Wouter Hamel first visited Korea 14 years ago to perform, surprisingly many Koreans were already familiar with his surname. Many thought he was a distant descendant of Hendrick Hamel, the Dutch sailor who was shipwrecked on Jeju Island in the 1600s and became the first Westerner to introduce Korea to the world.
Experts discuss maintaining peace in East Asian waters amid growing sea dispute
JEJU ISLAND - Global experts on international law and sea disputes gathered last week on Korea's southern resort island of Jeju once again, to discuss how to resolve ongoing maritime territorial conflicts in the East Asian region. During the seventh edition of the Ieodo International Seminar that took place on June 15, experts said tensions have been growing in the East Asian...
Gov't to exclude extra-hard questions from state-run college entrance exam
The government is set to make the College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT) easier by excluding questions at the highest level of difficulty from the state-administered college entrance exam, starting with September's mock test, to tackle the country's dependence on private education.
Escaping the heat
Tourists enjoy a water jet boat ride in Gapyeong, Gyeonggi Province, Sunday, as Korea issued the first heat wave advisory of the year in 13 regions across the country, including Seoul and surrounding eastern Gyeonggi Province. The scorching heat is expected to continue this week w...
Daegu's queer festival perseveres despite conservative opposition's intimidation tactics
Korea's southern conservative stronghold of Daegu saw an unwavering will to celebrate the identity and integrity of sexual minorities, Saturday, despite strong opposition from the city mayor and conservative Christian protesters.
'Unpopular' medical departments face shortage of doctors
Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH), one of Korea's most advanced medical centers, is seeing a doctor shortage in 'unpopular' medical departments like surgery and emergency medicine, according to data released Wednesday. Doctors are found to prefer medical specialties such as plastic surgery and dermatology for better payments and working conditions.
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