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Reporter : Lee Hae-rin
Thu, June 8, 2023 | 11:56
Will exempting foreign nannies from minimum wage boost Korea's birth rate?
A bill proposing bringing in foreign childcare workers and exempting them from the minimum wage payment system as a way of tackling the country's plummeting birth rate is facing a backlash for its alleged discriminatory stance against foreigners. Rep. Cho Jung-hun of the minor opposition Transition Korea has proposed an amendment to the Act on the Employment Improvement of Do...
Diplomats enjoy Korean culture
Diplomats from Central and South American, African and Middle Eastern countries take a photo dressed in Korea's traditional hanbok attire at Kyunghee University's Institute of International Education in Seoul, Thursday, after attending Korea Foundation's Korean Language and Culture Program for Diplomats. Young diplomats from 25 countries in charge of Korea-related tasks atten...
Japanese students' field trips to Korea resume after pandemic hiatus
Japanese students came to Korea on a field trip for the first time in three years, Tuesday, signaling a renewal of the cultural exchanges between the younger generations of the two countries. Thirty-seven students and two teachers from Luther Junior and Senior High School in Kumamoto Prefecture arrived at Incheon International Airport with two teachers for a five-day visit.
Busan to have alternate no-driving days during Expo inspection
Busan plans to launch special traffic measures to ease congestion during an inspection visit by the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) in April as part of the city's preparation to host the World Expo, the city government announced Tuesday.
COVID-hit Myeong-dong bounces back as tourists return
Korea's iconic shopping and tourism district, Myeong-dong, is flourishing again with the return of foreign travelers driven by their love for Korean culture, dramas and cosmetics. Kai Diaz, a 26-year-old American, told The Korea Times, Monday, in Myeong-dong that she made a list of things she needed to do based on her favorite Korean drama and YouTube, Facebook and Tik Tok ch...
Ethnic Koreans return to homeland after decades living in Sakhalin
Dozens of ethnic Koreans, who were taken to Russia's southeastern island of Sakhalin by forced mobilization under the 1910-45 Japanese colonial rule, have returned to their homeland by sea with their families. A total of 63 Sakhalin Koreans arrived in Donghae, Gangwon Province, Friday, and 27 more will follow them on March 31.
Seoul's cashless bus system faces public backlash
Seoul's latest transport policy of removing fare collection boxes and expanding cashless payment methods on a quarter of the city's buses has faced a backlash as people without access to electronic banking services and the elderly are feared to fall victim to the automated fare collection system. Starting in March, 1,876 city buses on 108 routes, or 25 percent of the total, o...
Seoul's giant Ferris wheel project faces architectural plagiarism allegations
Seoul's plan to build a giant Ferris wheel in its western Mapo District as a city landmark is facing allegations that it plagiarized the design of a monument selected at another government-funded project over a decade ago.
Jordan's ancient city of Petra demonstrates ancient Nabataeans' genius
PETRA, Jordan - “Here, this is the gateway to the monastery, the most beautiful and famous monument of Petra,” said Abraham Mashaleh, 48, a Jordanian native born and raised in Petra who has worked as a guide to the ancient city for over 20 years. He pointed at the narrow passage after a kilometer-long trail through rose-red “siq,” or winding rock gorges soaring over 100 meter...
Eastar Jet plans to purchase 7 planes
After a three-year hiatus due to financial problems, Eastar Jet, a local low-cost carrier (LCC), seeks to take off once again by introducing new planes and international routes as it resumes service. Announcing the resumption of flights between Gimpo and Jeju Island, its CEO Cho Jung-seok said the company will expand its fleet by up to 10 planes by the end of this year.
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