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Reporter : Lee Hae-rin
Thu, June 8, 2023 | 10:30
Proposed bill aims to embrace more diverse types of families
A bill has been proposed that would grant civil union status to a more diverse range of relationships and provide people with a broader range of legal rights and protections, despite stiff opposition from conservative Christian groups in Korea.
City gov't says no to use of Seoul Plaza for Queer Culture Festival
Seoul Metropolitan Government disapproved the use of Seoul Plaza for the upcoming Seoul Queer Culture Festival (SQCF) scheduled in July, the festival organizers said, Thursday. It instead approved a youth concert organized by a Christian broadcaster.
Animal rights lawyer becomes voice for the voiceless
Animals are much loved and hated at the same time in Korea - one in every four Koreans lives with companion animals, while over two million dogs are slaughtered every year for dog meat and animals are stipulated as objects under the current legal system.
[INTERVIEW] 'Storytelling is power for tourism growth': KTO chief
For Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) President Kim Jang-sil, one of his first and strongest memories of yearning to travel abroad was evoked upon listening to a German folk song taught in a middle school music class.
Female civil servants start working night shifts at local gov'ts
More local governments are requiring both female and male civil servants to work the night shift in response to growing complaints of women getting exempted from night duties. According to Sejong City, Wednesday, it has decided to revise its night duty regulations to allow female workers to work at night starting later this month, joining other city governments such as Seoul,...
Korea is most expensive country to raise child: study
Korea is the most expensive country in the world to raise a child, a recent study shows, a statistic that escalates concerns about the country's declining birth rate amid a demographic crisis. The latest study by Beijing-based think-tank, YuWa Population Research Institute, revealed that Korea ranks highest in the world when it comes to the cost of raising a child from birth ...
Medical community divided over Nursing Act
Tension within the country's medical community is growing as doctors, nursing assistants and various other medical workers announce a joint strike in protest of the recently passed Nursing Act, which they claim privileges nurses unfairly.
Baemin riders to stage strike on Children's Day
Some 3,000 delivery workers of the nation's largest food delivery platform Baedal Minjok (Baemin) will go on strike on Children's Day, Friday, unless the company increases the basic delivery fee of 3,000 won ($2.24) per order to 4,000 won.
Number of Russian asylum seekers in Q1 exceeds whole of 2022
Due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Korea saw a significant increase in the number of Russian asylum seekers in the first quarter surpassing the total number for last year, a government report found Sunday.
Philippine Embassy develops okra kimchi recipe with Korean expert
One of the latest drinking games that have gone viral among young Koreans, the “kimchi game,” goes as follows: name a random vegetable, google the vegetable's name with kimchi and have a drink if there is a recipe for making the Korean traditional side dish with it.
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