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Reporter : Lee Hae-rin
Fri, September 29, 2023 | 09:10
South Gyeongsang Province seeks to name new airport after heroic admiral
South Gyeongsang Province hopes a new airport on Gadeok Island would be the first airport named after a historic figure. According to the South Gyeongsang Provincial Council, Tuesday, ruling People Power Party (PPP) council member Park Choon-duk proposed naming the ...
Calls grow to strengthen wildlife management, protection measures
A series of incidents have occurred in Korea recently where wild animals that were held in captivity were subsequently shot dead after escaping from inadequate cages. This has prompted animal activists and experts here to call on the government to enforce wildlife management and protection measures.
Return of Chinese tourists revitalizes Myeong-dong, Seoul's tourism hotspot
Myeong-dong, Seoul's iconic shopping district, is coming back to life after China lifted restrictions on group tours to Korea last week. A once-familiar sight - Chinese tourists, armed with shopping lists inspired by social media, filling their bags with popular Korean beauty products - is becoming more visible again.
Environmental, economic problems concerning Saemangeum airport project resurface
Economic and environmental issues regarding a proposed airport in Saemangeum are emerging once again as the tendering process to construct it came to an end, Thursday.
Banksy's work to be on display at Paradise City
Korea will see one of the most evocative and iconic works of Banksy on display next month. Paradise City, an integrated resort complex in Incheon, announced Wednesday, that it will showcase the “Love in Paradise: Banksy and Keith Haring” exhibition in September with the support of Sotheby's, the global leading auction house, in celebration of the upcoming Frieze Seoul, intern...
Espresso coffee bars surge in number in Seoul as tastes evolve
Koreans drink around 353 cups of coffee every year, according to Hyundai Research Institute's latest report. The figure is a sharp rise from 291 cups in 2015 and 2.7 times more than the world's yearly average of 132 cups. People in the caffeine-loving nation have primarily consumed instant coffee packaged in stick-type pouches - more commonly known as “mix coffee” here - or i...
First lady caught in controversy over social media verification mark
First lady Kim Keon Hee is once again mired in a controversy due to the official verification of her social media account.
Chinese tour groups start returning to Korea
Korea is expecting a large-scale return of Chinese travelers, as China announced the lifting of its ban on group tours to Korea last week after more than six years of economic sanctions.
China allows group tours to Korea after more than 6 years of restrictions
China has lifted its ban on group tours to Korea after more than six years of unofficial and official sanctions, signaling the return of Chinese travelers, who used to make up the largest portion of visitors to Korea. The sudden relaxation of travel restrictions will likely lead to a boost in Korea's post-pandemic tourism industry.
Jamboree Scouts explore Korea's culture, tourism destinations after leaving Saemangeum
About 37,000 young Scouts and adult volunteers from over 150 countries participating in the 25th World Scout Jamboree are exploring regional travel points in Seoul and seven other cities after leaving the event's original venue on reclaimed land in Saemangeum, North Jeolla Province, due to a typhoon forecast, the organizing committee said, Wednesday.
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