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Reporter : Lee Hyo-jin
Wed, October 5, 2022 | 04:08
Over 100 dogs rescued from dog meat farms find new homes in US, Canada
INCHEON - Russell the dog was once destined to be food, as he was locked up in a dirty wire cage on a dog meat farm in Jeonju, North Jeolla Province. But his fate changed after being rescued last October, and he was put on a flight bound for Toronto in search of a new family three months later. Russell is among the 110 canines that were rescued from dog meat farms across the ...
When will Korea see its first xenotransplantation surgery?
A recent series of successful pig-to-human organ transplants performed by U.S. surgeons have set a major milestone in the history of medicine, bringing Koreans' attention to when the country might be able to see its first xenotransplantation surgery. On Jan. 7, surgeons at the University of Maryland School of Medicine conducted the transplant of a genetically modified pig hea...
Omicron set to become dominant strain this week
The government has expanded home treatment of COVID-19 patients to those infected with the Omicron variant starting Wednesday. The move comes as the country braces for a fresh wave of infections involving the highly contagious variant which is expected to become the dominant strain within this week. The authorities have also urged foreign residents to receive booster shots, a...
Vaccine pass at large retailers lifted
The government has made a U-turn over the enforcement of COVID-19 vaccine passes at large retailers and malls in the wake of a court ruling ordering the suspension of the vaccine mandate at the facilities. The Ministry of Health and Welfare announced Monday that the vaccine pass on six types of multiuse facilities - large retailers and department stores, study rooms, museums,...
Universities uncertain about in-person classes amid Omicron spread
Local universities are uncertain whether to begin the upcoming spring semester with in-person classes amid concerns over the increasing spread of the Omicron variant.
Contradicting court rulings over vaccine pass stoke confusion
Two contradicting court rulings over the COVID-19 vaccine pass scheme are causing public confusion, with calls mounting from residents outside of Seoul to suspend the vaccine pass altogether.
Discrimination and prejudice prevalent in Korea: int'l NGO
Discrimination and prejudice are prevalent in Korean society, despite it being a country with an advanced democracy guaranteeing basic political freedoms and civil liberties, according to a report released by Human Rights Watch (HRW), Thursday. The international non-governmental organization issued its “World Report 2022,” a summary of human rights conditions in over 100 coun...
University of Utah Asia Campus offers alternative to studying abroad
Many students find it difficult to plan for studying overseas amid the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic. For them, an opportunity to stay here and obtain a global academic experience could be an excellent alternative.
Korea to use oral COVID-19 pills from Friday
Korea will receive its first shipment of COVID-19 antiviral pills on Thursday, which the government plans to use on elderly patients aged 65 and over, along with immunocompromised patients at risk of developing critical health issues. The Ministry of Health and Welfare announced Wednesday that 21,000 courses of Paxlovid, the oral COVID-19 pills developed by Pfizer, will arriv...
Gov't to introduce 'choice and concentration' strategy to brace for Omicron surge
The government will introduce new pandemic response strategies focused on containing the spread of the Omicron variant, bracing for a possible Omicron-led wave of the coronavirus in the coming weeks. The authorities plan to take a “choice and concentration” approach, utilizing its “3T” - test, trace and treat - tactics, while swiftly introducing antiviral pills for high-risk ...