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Reporter : Lee Hyo-jin
Fri, June 2, 2023 | 23:23
Discussions on raising age for free subway rides gain momentum
The government and the ruling party will review changing the eligible age for free subway ridership - possibly to 70 from the current 65 - in a bid to stem the snowballing deficit caused by the welfare policy offered to senior citizens.
Too many emergency text alerts? Gov't to halt daily COVID-19 notifications
It's no exaggeration to say that emergency text alerts have become a part of daily life in Korea since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the early stages of the pandemic, local governments notified residents on a daily basis of the number of new cases in their area as well as contact tracing information on virus carriers.
Police to introduce new measures to better handle intoxicated people
The police have vowed to introduce better measures to handle intoxicated members of the public on streets, following criticisms over their poor response which has recently led to a series of deaths. At about 8:10 p.m., Jan. 19, Dongdaemun Police Station in Seoul received a report that a drunk man in his 50s was sleeping on the street. Two officers were deployed on-site, but a...
Gov't announces measures to cope with shortage of surgeons
The Ministry of Health and Welfare will review reducing penalties for doctors accused of medical malpractice, as it views the risk of getting involved in medial law suits as one of the reasons why would-be physicians shun departments where complicated surgeries are performed. The plan was included in measures that were announced to strengthen the country's vital medical field...
Is non-consensual sex not rape?
Rape is often defined as forcing someone to submit to sexual intercourse against their will. A question arises in cases when consent hadn't been established explicitly between individuals involved in a sex act: is it rape?
Koreans reluctant to unmask on first day of eased indoor mask rule
Monday marked the first day of the drastic easing of Korea's indoor mask mandate after it was enforced nationwide in October 2020. Starting midnight, wearing a mask in most indoor facilities has become optional with a few exemptions. People are no longer legally obliged to wear masks indoors, except at hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies, welfare centers for people with disa...
Biohealth geared for growth
On Jan. 9, the Ministry of Health and Welfare reported to President Yoon Suk Yeol concerning its 2023 plan, of which the main tasks include leaping forward as a leading country in the field of biohealth through human resource cultivation, deregulation and export support.
Seoul International School celebrates 50th anniversary
Seoul International School (SIS), one of the oldest international schools in Korea, is celebrating 50 years of its establishment this year. The educational institution in Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province, was founded in 1973 by Edward Ben Adams, who envisioned creating an international school independent of political and religious affiliations.
Korea to lift indoor mask mandate Monday
An indoor mask mandate imposed nationwide comes to an end, Monday, with few exemptions such as hospitals and public transit. But it remains to be seen whether Koreans will immediately stop wearing masks, a practice they have gotten used to for the last three years. Following an announcement by the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA), people are no longer legall...
Temperatures to drop to minus 17 degrees next week
Korea is bracing for the coldest spell so far this winter as temperatures are expected to drop to as low as minus 17 degrees Celsius next week, contributing to harsh winter weather conditions for the Lunar New Year long weekend, which runs from Saturday to Tuesday.