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Reporter : Park Ji-won
Thu, December 7, 2023 | 21:45
19th-century pavilion in Korean royal palace restored by artisans
There is a mysterious pavilion in the back garden of Gyeongbok Palace located in north-central Seoul that originally nobody knew when exactly it was built. Named the Hyangwonjeong Pavilion, literally meaning “the pavilion where the fragrance spreads afar,” the two-level hexagonal construction was thought to have been built in the 4,605 square-meter Hyangwonji Pond between 186...
Early Joseon-era metal movable type blocks unveiled to public
Up to 1,755 excavated artifacts, including the oldest existing movable metal type print blocks made in the Joseon era (1392-1910), at around 1434, will be unveiled to the public in the National Palace Museum of Korea.
David Reiland appointed artistic director of Korean Symphony Orchestra
The Korean Symphony Orchestra (KSO) appointed Belgian conductor David Reiland as its seventh artistic director, replacing outgoing Chung Chi-yong and serving starting from January 2022 for the next three years, the orchestra said.
'Symbol of citizen diplomacy' Dr. Billy Kim wins award
Dr. Billy Kim, the chairman of the Far East Broadcasting Company Korea (FEBC-Korea), received an annual diplomacy award in Seoul, Friday, for his role in enhancing Korea's image via cultural and aid activities in the United States and other countries.
State-run theater company launches online streaming platform
The National Theater Company of Korea (NTCK) has opened a streaming service platform, Online Theater, to reach out to a broader audience including the disabled. Its artistic director said Monday that NTCK aims to mimic the U.K.'s National Theater Live, which broadcasts via satellite live performances of its productions to cinemas and arts centers around the world.
Korea's oldest combat techniques text to become national treasure
Korea's oldest-known fighting arts manual, titled “Muyejebo,” published in 1598 to train soldiers of the 1392-1910 Joseon Kingdom in armed combat techniques, is one of seven cultural heritage items to be newly added to the list of state-recognized treasures, the Cultural Heritage Administration (CHA) said Friday.
Cellist Han Jae-min wins third prize at Geneva International Music Competition
Cellist Han Jae-min, 15, has won third prize at the 75th Geneva International Music Competition, Switzerland, Thursday (CET). It was the first time for a Korean cellist to win an award in the competition in about 50 years, since cellist Chung Myung-wha won first prize in 1971, the Kumho Cultural Foundation said.
CHA defers construction companies' revision plan near UNESCO-designated tomb
The Cultural Heritage Administration (CHA) rejected Thursday a revised plan offered by construction companies for what it called the “illegal” building of an apartment complex near Jangneung Royal Tomb, a UNESCO-listed site dating back to the 17th century in Gimpo, Gyeonggi Province, asking the firms to submit a better one.
Pianist Paik Kun-woo fires back at MBC, in-laws over his actress wife
Pianist Paik Kun-woo speaks during a press conference held to refute allegations that he is mistreating his wife, actress Yun Jung-hee, at White Hall in Seoul, Thursday. YonhapPaik takes legal action, denying allegationsBy Park Ji-wonPianist Paik Kun-woo denied allegations that he and his daughter abandoned his wife, actress Yun Jung-hee, who is suffering from Alzheimer's dis...
[INTERVIEW] Singer-songwriter Seori talks about Shang-Chi OST, her music
The list of artists who were featured on the 18-track soundtrack for Marvel Studios's "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings," the first Asian hero-led movie in the action film series, came as a surprise to many Koreans as the album, produced by Sean Miyashiro and 88rising, included a lot of Korean musicians, such as DPR Ian, DPR Live, BIBI and Mark Tuan of GOD7.
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