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Reporter : Park Ji-won
Sun, December 10, 2023 | 22:53
The most anticipated theatrical shows of 2022
This year's event schedule for theatrical performances is filled with large-scale musicals, as well as new works that have been waiting for the right time to be presented during the COVID-19 pandemic.
National museums hold tiger-themed exhibitions
Two national museums are holding hybrid exhibitions with a tiger theme to celebrate the Year of the Tiger and show how the animal has been viewed by Koreans in the past and present.
Classical concerts you shouldn't miss in 2022
This year's event schedule for classical concerts is filled with world-class orchestras, as well as performances by famous Korean artists active in the overseas concert music scene.
Performing arts revenue nearly doubled last year from 2020
The Korean performance market posted a total of 307.1 billion ($258.3 million) in sales last year, 1.8 times more than that of the year 2020, or 107.2 billion won, according to data from the Korea Performing Arts Box Office Information System (KOPIS), Sunday.
2022 kicks off with bevy of New Year's concerts
Many concerts scheduled to be held in 2020 and 2021 were canceled, postponed or held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Concert schedules were thrown into such disarray that many audience members' memories might be a blur as to whether specific concerts were held in 2020 or 2021. But audiences will be sure to remember the New Year's performances being held in January, as ma...
Year of Tiger: Vigorous, fearless year full of adventure unfolding
The year 2022 is the Year of the Tiger according to the Chinese zodiac. In Korea, the tiger has been portrayed as an animal representing a brave and fearless spirit. An apex predator, the tiger also instills both fear and awe among Koreans.
Han Kang's 'The Vegetarian' to be made into play; National Theater unveils 2022 lineup
The National Theater Company of Korea (NTCK), the country's state-run theatre company, announced its 2022 play lineup, which includes a play adaptation of Han Kang's acclaimed novel “The Vegetarian,” as well as new theatrical works reflecting contemporary social issues such as climate change, virtual reality, the disabled and feminism.
[INTERVIEW] Violist Richard Yongjae O'Neill revisits euphoric moment of winning Grammy
As the adjective, “award-winning,” always seems to come before his name when people introduce him, violist Richard Yongjae O'Neill is the winner of numerous international awards. Nonetheless, he says, it always feels too good to be true when he wins one. That euphoric moment hit him again earlier this year when he was named the winner of this year's Grammy Award for Best Clas...
[INTERVIEW] Norah Jones releases Christmas album
Nine-time Grammy winner Norah Jones will be releasing her first Christmas album “I Dream of Christmas” on Wednesday.
National Museum exhibition compares Asian lacquerware techniques and cultures
Toxicodendron vernicifluum, commonly known as lacquer trees, have been cultivated in Asian countries for centuries. In Korea, some people boil “samgyetang” or ginseng chicken soup with twigs of lacquer tree wood due to their health benefits. Lacquer tree wood is known for its antioxidant properties, which prevents or slows cell damage.
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