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Reporter : Park Ji-won
Fri, February 23, 2024 | 19:23
[INTERACTIVE] Is Korea ready to accept migrants?
South Korea has the lowest fertility rate among 209 countries in the world. The government has determined drawing more migrants is an imperative, but the country has a long way to go to become an inclusive society.
[SPECIAL REPORT] Japan embarks on journey to become more open to immigration
TOKYO, Japan ― In a tale of two developed nations with rich but homogeneous cultures, Korea and Japan have long grappled with the complexities of immigration policies to tackle the demographic crises caused by low birthrates and aging populations.
Which K-pop idols were born in the Year of the Rabbit?
HONG KONG -- Jan. 22 marks the beginning of a new cycle in the lunar calendar - and the Year of the Water Rabbit. Traditional wisdom has it that the rabbit symbolizes longevity, peace and prosperity, so those born under the sign of this zodiac animal tend to be energetic yet also cautious, gentle and patient.
HK-China border opens again, but no influx of mainland travelers yet
HONG KONG - The border that divides mainland China and Hong Kong reopened on Jan. 8, following Beijing's easing of many COVID-19 restrictions, a move that now enables 60,000 people to enter each other's territory every day. Although there have been some visitors to each side during the past several days since the measure took effect, the anticipated influx of mainland Chinese...
How has national security law changed life for Hongkongers?
HONG KONG ― In June 2020, China passed the new national security law (NSL) for Hong Kong, making it easier for Beijing to prosecute Hongkongers, including extraditing citizens to the mainland. As the law can punish anyone who “endangers national security” and can be interpreted in different ways, many Hongkongers have been staying low key ever since the passage of the law or ...
Jin of BTS is to begin military service - where will the K-pop star go and what will he do?
At 30, Jin of K-pop sensation BTS will be the first member of the seven-strong group to begin his mandatory service in the South Korean armed forces on Dec. 13.
Korean art market is expanding, but still faces challenges to becoming Asia's hub
HONG KONG - The Korean art market has not been the first choice for collectors over other options like the U.S., Hong Kong or the U.K. when art auction season starts. But with Korea's increasing cultural footprint in the world, demand for Korean artworks has also grown. The latest indication of this trend is Frieze's art fair that was held in Seoul in September of this year, ...
New soccer star Cho Gue-sung grabs headlines for more than just goals
HONG KONG ― His team may have lost 3-2 to Ghana in Monday's group stage match at this year's World Cup, but South Korea's handsome forward, Cho Gue-sung, is enjoying a meteoric rise in popularity, highlighted by his skyrocketing number of Instagram followers.
K-pop group Super Junior dazzles Hong Kong, overseas fans in world tour concert
HONG KONG - On Nov. 19 and 20, the AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong's largest venue of 14,000 seats, was filled with fans, where the veteran K-pop star Super Junior played two shows as part of its “Super Show 9: Road” world tour, its first time in the city in more than four years.
Asia Rugby admits it didn't give Chinese anthem file to Korean body
HONG KONG - Asia Rugby has admitted that the organization didn't pass on the Chinese national anthem audio file to the Korea Rugby Union, regarding the incident in which the Hong Kong protest anthem was played instead of China's national anthem for the Hong Kong team during the final of the Asia Rugby Sevens Series held in Incheon, Korea, Sunday.
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