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Reporter : Do Je-hae
Sun, February 25, 2024 | 18:26
Moon announces 'New Southern Policy Plus strategy'
President Moon Jae-in announced a more advanced version of his New Southern Policy for promoting ties with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) during a video-linked Korea-ASEAN summit, Cheong Wa Dae said Thursday.
No visible turnaround after NIS chief's meeting with Suga
National Intelligence Service chief Park Jie-won met with Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, Tuesday, in Tokyo. But the meeting seems to have ended without producing concrete answers about pressing issues, such as Suga's visit to Seoul for the upcoming Korea-Japan-China summit, and any hint of a solution for historical disputes between the two countries.
Moon again criticized for choice of ambassadors
President Moon Jae-in's pick for several new ambassadors has raised questions about their suitability, as they lack expertise in diplomacy and were apparently chosen only because of their close ties to the administration. Moon gave diplomatic credentials to 10 new ambassadors during a ceremony at Cheong Wa Dae, Tuesday. Among them were Ambassador to Germany Cho Hyun-ok, a for...
Moon pledged to ensure no gap in peace process
President Moon Jae-in has underscored close cooperation with the incoming U.S. administration of Joe Biden, saying he will communicate with the president-elect and his key aides through various channels. “We will ensure that there is no vacuum in improving our alliance and working toward a peace process on the Korean Peninsula,” Moon said during a meeting with senior aides at...
Seoul reaching out to Tokyo
National Intelligence Service (NIS) chief Park Jie-won headed for Tokyo, Sunday, according to the spy agency, becoming the first high-level Korean official to visit Japan since the change of leaders in the neighboring country in September.
Moon expresses high hopes for alliance in Biden-Harris era
President Moon Jae-in underlined the “rock-solid” Korea-U.S. alliance ahead of a transition to a Democratic administration in the U.S. with Joe Biden's victory in the presidential election there. Shortly before Biden delivered a national speech to declare victory at 10 a.m. Sunday morning, Moon congratulated the president-elect and Kamala Harris, the first female vice-preside...
'Biden may order review of policy on North Korea'
Experts have widely speculated that Joe Biden, who served eight years as vice president under former President Barack Obama, may return to Obama's “strategic patience” in dealing with North Korea when the two countries did not engage in diplomacy.
Korea bracing for post US-election diplomacy
The government is moving quickly to engage with the United States in the post-election period, according to Cheong Wa Dae and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Thursday.
Former lawmaker named head of Overseas Koreans Foundation
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has named former four-term lawmaker Kim Sung-kon as president of the Overseas Koreans Foundation. “Kim served in the 15th, 17th, 18th and 19th National Assemblies, and during his terms, he was actively engaged in efforts to advance policies for overseas Koreans,” the ministry said in a statement, Monday.
Korea faces dilemma over Trade Minister Yoo's WTO bid
The government and Cheong Wa Dae are facing a tough decision on how to proceed with Trade Minister Yoo Myung-hee's bid to become World Trade Organization (WTO) chief.