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Mon, December 11, 2023 | 11:44
'Embracing Black joy through struggle:' Korea's Black community celebrates Juneteenth
Juneteenth was a word not known to many outside of the U.S. ― as well as some inside it either ― before this last year. According to Google Trends, searches for the word “Juneteenth” reached their highest level in 2020 since 2004, the earliest data available. According to data, the word didn't only trend in the U.S., but worldwide too.
Canadian rural photographer captures Korea's 'other' side
While most photographers in Korea are drawn to big city tourist attractions or well-known temples and other heritage sites out in the country, William R. Pugsley goes in the other direction. He's a “rural explorer” which is like an urban explorer, except he scours Korea's countryside looking for photographic subjects that resonate with him.
[Cityscapes] Wrapping construction sites in art
Construction is encountered everywhere in Seoul, even if we aren't always aware of it. So it's no wonder that sometimes the temporary fences built around construction sites are decorated with various types of designs. They may show local government slogans, or list off heritage sites in the neighborhood, or contain information on the new construction to be built here. They ma...
Artist paints portraits of authentic Korea
Portrait painter Aaron Cossrow hopes to host an exhibition in the coming weeks featuring his more than 20 oil, acrylic and digitized artworks. Of those works that he wants his audiences to see, he has largely intended to display realism and Norman Rockwell-esque portraits of Korean men and women using their hands and physical might to earn a living.
[Holiday in North Korea] Using and buying consumer electronics in North Korea
Whenever I visit North Korea, I put all my belongings through a quarantine process. I inspect my pocket litter, the folds of my wallet and the bottom of my camera bag. During my 2018 visit, I almost brought a plastic sleeve for my passport that had the name of a travel agency written in Hangeul - not Joseongeul, and trust me, they'll know the difference.
Songdo's Cinder Bar witnesses birth of a city
Warren Kidd runs a bar in a city so new, it isn't even old enough to drink. Songdo International City is said to have officially “opened” in 2009, and The Cinder Bar opened there in early 2013. Kidd took it over from its first owner, a fellow New Zealander, in December 2014.
[Korea Encounters] Trying to save a gov't from a coup in 1961
At 3 a.m. on May 16, 1961, tanks and trucks carrying around 4,000 marines and soldiers began rolling into Seoul. Other than some military police on the Hangang Bridge, no one opposed them, and by 5 a.m. key buildings had been secured and KBS was broadcasting their message to the country.
New Toastmasters club goes online
Toastmasters International, founded almost a century ago in 1924, has 364,000 dues-paying members in over 16,200 clubs in 145 countries. There are over 70 Toastmasters clubs already in Korea, offering get-togethers on various days of the week in locales across the country in a variety of languages, including Korean, Chinese and English. There are also bilingual clubs and even...
Foreign Line
Jeju Afrobeat band Omar and the Eastern Power transcends boundaries
Omar Benassila doesn't care much for boundaries, either in music or nations. If he did, he might not have left his home country of Morocco and settled in Korea, where he started Omar and the Eastern Power. It's an ever-evolving four-piece band most simply described as Afrobeat, with influences from dub, funk, folk and sufi music among others. It's an accumulation of the life ...