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Sun, December 3, 2023 | 19:29
Art collective Crazy Multiply holds online exhibition in virtual environment
The high numbers of daily new COVID-19 infections and corresponding social distancing measures have made it difficult for artists and art lovers to gather in galleries. So, Crazy Multiply, a nomadic Seoul-based curatorial collective that promotes Korean and international artists, held its latest exhibition, dotGIF, online in a 3D virtual environment showcasing the works of 27...
Cultural tourism scholar offers lectures on Korea's spiritual heritage
When David A. Mason first came to Korea almost 40 years ago, he had two main fascinations, craggy mountains and East Asian philosophies, both of which he found in abundance here. “I was mainly interested in China and had never heard of Korea, but upon visiting Korea I found so much of East Asian spiritual traditions flourishing in the gorges of very beautiful and accessible m...
[Korea Encounters] Opening of 'Tomorrow' go-go club in 1971
In the spring of 1970, a new kind of night spot began to develop in Seoul - the go-go club, where rock bands played on stages overlooking a dance floor. As this kind of club became popular with well-heeled young people, more and more started to appear, particularly in hotel basements. The newly rebuilt Chosun Hotel decided to take advantage of this trend and in early 1971 ope...
Gyeongnidan burger pub gets fist bump from celeb chef Baek Jong-won
When the restaurant's phone rang, nobody at California Kitchen & Craft Pub expected that on the other end would be a representative of Korean TV's foremost food celebrity, Baek Jong-won. They wanted to feature the restaurant, located in Itaewon's Gyeongnidan area, for an episode of the JTBC show, “Baek Jong-won's National Food: Global Food Edition,” about the history of burge...
[Friends of Korea] American woman's 1950s images of Korea
Imagine my curiosity and delight when, out of the blue in late 2015, I received an email from a 'Susan Hanley'…she had found the Friends of Korea website while searching the internet and reached out with a query.
[Cityscapes] Gwangju collapse terrifies public temporarily
I'm by no means a demolition expert, but I know what I don't like. And I am constantly alarmed and troubled by what I see around me in urban Korea's “built environment.” Demolition techniques briefly entered mainstream conversation following the collapse of a five-story building on the edge of an urban renewal site in Gwangju, onto an active street, landing on a bus and killi...
Photographer's layered Buddhist iconic images find harmony in nature, culture, concrete
Korea's Buddhist temples are a great source for artistic inspiration, but Anjee DiSanto, an American living in Iksan, has been using digital photography techniques to develop a new kind of Buddhist art that matches the contemporary qualities of the temples she visits.
Goggas brings Korean comic books and more to English readers
A new bilingual publisher in Korea hopes to share interesting stories with readers in both English and Korean. Goggas, located in Anyang, Gyeonggi Province, released for the first time in English, translations of two Korean comic books last month.
[Korea Encounters]When Korea's exiled royal family returned home
The 20th century was not kind to Korea's royal family. As Japan asserted control over Korea, Emperor Gojong was forced to abdicate in 1907 and the weak Crown Prince, Sunjong, was placed on the throne instead. Sunjong, by then a mere figurehead, died in 1926 without an heir.
Foreign Line
The National Committee on North Korea (NCNK), and East-West Center in Washington are holding the fourth event in their “North Korea in the World” webinar series next week, this time looking at the North's relationship with Syria. The talk will feature Samuel Ramani, a politics and international relations tutor at the University of Oxford. The talk starts late at 1 a.m. on July 15. Visit to register.