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Sun, December 3, 2023 | 19:46
Human Rights Cities come together in Gwangju for int'l forum
Gwangju has once again brought cities and citizens of the world together to build a better future, despite the global pandemic, for the 11th World Human Rights Cities Forum (WHRCF). At this annual event created by the southwestern city, national and international experts in diverse fields shared methods and perspectives for the purpose of improving human rights around the glo...
[Korea Encounters] Peace Corps' 1966 arrival in Korea
On Sept. 16, 1966, the first contingent of American Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) arrived in Korea. Four days later, in “Thoughts of the Times,” John C. Stickler reflected on an encounter months earlier with a small boy who had wanted to practice his English.
Kamen Ross throws everything at piano keys
You'll often hear music enthusiasts and even artists themselves complain of a general lack of depth in modern commercial music. Whether or not that is an actual thing is always up for ever-evolving debate.
Linda Lindas offer living-room performance for Pentaport
When Pentaport Rock Festival started in 2006, three of the four members of one of its most-anticipated bands for this year weren't even born yet. The Linda Lindas won't be coming to Korea for this year's Pentaport, which is being held with a mix of live, in-person events and online streaming. The four-member punk band, whose members range in age from 11 to 17, taped a live pe...
Busan Int'l Rock Festival flies to Cosmo's Midnight's room
It's been a little less than two years since international bands stopped touring here, but it feels like it's been longer. So some upcoming festivals are inviting overseas music acts to participate through online performances.
[Holiday in North Korea] Michael Spavor finally freed from China
I started this column in early 2019 in response to Michael Spavor being taken hostage by China in retaliation to Canada's house arrest of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou. One of the “two Michaels” held prisoner, “our Michael,” as we sometimes called him, is a former resident of South Korea who moved to China where he could operate various cultural exchanges with North Korea. Ch...
Children's entertainers release 'Fairy Tale Box' online storytelling series
For children in need of entertainment, Jam Box Theatre is releasing a series of short, online storytelling performances. The first video of the “Fairy Tale Box” series was a bilingual rendition of the classic story, “The Three Little Pigs,” released by Jam Box Theatre on Sept. 4.
[Temple Adventures] Tongdo Temple: Home to the Buddha's partial remains
Oftentimes, and if you're lucky, you'll be able to look back at your past and point to the moment you fell in love with someone or something. I first fell in love with Korean Buddhist temples back in the fall of 2003.
[RAS Korea] Self-guided audio tours to escape pandemic restrictions on tourism
With the summer heat beginning to fade but social distancing still in place, there is no better time to enjoy a new walking tour with Royal Asiatic Society (RAS) Korea. RAS Korea's first-ever downloadable MP3-based audio tour is just the ticket for a pleasant early evening walk or a lunch-time break in downtown Seoul.
Gwangju's First Alleyway diner shuts down after 12 years
The First Alleyway, a cornerstone of Gwangju's foreign national community and foodie scene, is closing its doors after 12 years. “The main reason is burnout,” owner Tim Whitman told The Korea Times. “My cook and I have been going very hard at it for so many years - my cook is burnt out too. And the pandemic has just made it so much harder; 18 months feels like five years. And...