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Sun, December 3, 2023 | 20:47
Free Comic Book Day returns to Korea
The four sweetest words in the English language might be “Free Comic Book Day” (FCBD), at least to comic book aficionados. This is especially true in Korea, where finding Western-style, English-language comic books can be a challenge.
Magpie celebrates 10 years of brewing
It's been a good 10 years for beer drinkers in Korea. Before that, Magpie Brewing Co. didn't exist. The craft brewery has grown with Korea's craft brewing scene. It is also the likely origin of the term “pi-maek,” a combination of the first syllables of pizza and the Korean word for beer, according to its owners.
Stand-up comedian Sang Don Park headlines comedy night
A young man walks on stage for the talent show at an international school in Korea. He is expected to show off his beatboxing skills, as he has done in previous talent shows. The school is small - there are only 40 in the boys' class - and there is a sense of repetition to the talent show. Frankly, most of the school has already seen the boy's signature moves. He has other sk...
Animal welfare catastrophe looms amid Incheon redevelopment project
Urban renewal often leads to an increase in animal abandonment, but an ongoing development project in Incheon, west of Seoul, could lead to an animal welfare crisis.
Sool sommelier offers array of Korean traditional alcohols in Itaewon
As interest in Korea's strong tradition of alcohols ― increasingly referred to as “sool” in English (following the pronunciation of the word for “alcohol” in Korean) ― continues to grow, with more and more breweries, distilleries, bottle shops, sool-specialized restaurants and even sool cocktails emerging, Dustin Wessa considered not just how he could ride this wave, but help...
Expat-founded Shuttle Delivery goes above and beyond
Where would we be in 2022 without delivery services? While the headlines are dominated by Baedal Minjok, Yogiyo and Coupang Eats, the food delivery app that stands out for many foreign communities in Korea is Shuttle Delivery. It may be smaller, but it's founded by foreign nationals and its coverage focuses on areas with higher foreign populations and international restaurant...
Daejeon artists celebrate 10.5 years with art, board games
The Daejeon Arts Collective (DJAC) is celebrating its 10.5th anniversary this week, with a multidisciplinary art exhibition at Igong Gallery from this Thursday to next Tuesday, and an open house on Saturday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Ukulele player finds inspiration on his way to buy fresh food
Ukulele player Ethan Hoffman moved to Seoul recently, taking up residence in the city center's historic Bukchon Hanok Village. “Nearly every day, I make a point of going out to see it and appreciating the view. There wasn't anything like that to see where I lived before,” said Hoffman, 32, who left the U.S. in 2014 and lived in Yeokgok in Bucheon, Gyeonggi Province, until las...
Pro Wrestling Society returns to Seoul for 'Pub Brawl'
Korea's own homegrown pro wrestling crew, Pro Wrestling Society (PWS), is returning to Seoul, finally, after more than two years away. But they're dead set on showing everybody that they haven't been in hibernation during the pandemic.
[Temple Adventures] Daewon Temple and the big blue dragon
Daewon Temple in northern Pohang, North Gyeongsang Province, goes a long way to disrupt the naive narrative that all Korean Buddhist temples look the same. Korean Buddhist temples have subtle, and not so subtle, differences. And Daewon Temple isn't subtle about its differences, with a 100-meter-long life-sized blue dragon sidewinding its way down the hillside.