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Tue, September 26, 2023 | 08:04
From party house to tea party: JustBe Temple offers new paths to Zen Buddhism
Bop Yo Sunim, a Zen Buddhist nun from Japan, was only planning to stay overnight at JustBe Temple ― a newly opened guesthouse and meditation center not far from Hongik University. “I just came for one day,” she told The Korea Times, pouring hot water into a small pot of black pearl tea.
Variety show offers comedy, music, magic to help overcome tragedy in Itaewon
Many cultural events in Seoul were canceled following the tragedy in Itaewon on Oct. 29, as a sign of respect for those lost and to give the populace time to mourn. However, cultural events can also have the capacity to heal and one event, titled “11.18 for 10.29,” is intended to do just that.
Ahead of Seoul show, Niia gets personal about her music
On the intersection between jazz, classical music and R&B sits American singer-songwriter Niia. Ahead of a mini-tour of Asia, which sees her playing dates in Korea and Japan, Niia talked to The Korea Times about her journey so far and what fans can expect from her live shows.
Survivors, witnesses face challenges returning to work
Returning to work has been an unwanted challenge for those coping with the trauma of the Itaewon tragedy. Heavy workloads, unsustainably long hours and short annual vacation leave are major drawbacks of many jobs in Korea, as is the almost non-existent paid sick leave. For those with longstanding medical conditions and mental health issues, the limited sick leave presents a h...
Foreign residents struggle to cope after Itaewon tragedy
The Itaewon tragedy left 156 people dead, an infamous figure now commonly known across Korea with countrywide vigils being held for all to pay their respects. The forgotten figure belongs to those presently dealing with psychological trauma.
Shamanic sites at Korea's rooster-dragon mountain
In the middle of May, amid glorious Korean spring weather, I led a nice group of people on a tour of a dozen shamanic shrines in the foothills of Gyeryongsan National Park, one of Korea's most sacred areas.
Where to go for mental health services if you can't speak Korean
Mental health is important in times like this. But for foreign nationals in Korea who might not speak Korean or don't have the financial resources to pay for regular counseling, seeking help can be difficult, frustrating and even feel impossible. However, there are counseling services and support groups available, some of which are free.
[RAS Korea] James Scarth Gale: Literary Giant, Steadfast Missionary Educator
Korean historians have not been kind to the Rev. Dr. James Scarth Gale (1863-1937). Some have either ignorantly or deliberately misinterpreted or mistranslated Gale's writings. Such is true especially regarding the Japanese takeover of the Korean Empire in 1905-10. These same Korean historians had a clear agenda. They wanted all Western missionaries in Korea to be overtly ant...
Among the survivors in Itaewon's disaster zone
When I first heard what was going on in Itaewon on Saturday night, I didn't know what to believe. Someone showed me a video of emergency workers performing CPR on a row of nearly naked young women lying in the street, while the party seemed to be continuing in the background, and I didn't think it could be real.
Where to celebrate Halloween in Korea
Halloween is no longer a holiday celebrated primarily by foreign nationals in Korea. Decorations go up all over the place, including at convenience stores, traditional markets and medical clinics. That said, an adult wearing a costume will probably still look out of place in most parts of the country outside of three big areas for nightlife in Seoul - Hongdae, Itaewon and Gan...