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Thu, September 28, 2023 | 00:21
[Interview] Santa enjoys spreading festive cheer in Korea
The subject of this article needs no introduction, although you will, at best, have only met him once a year. Santa Claus, a man with his hands full this month, was generous enough to agree to an interview with The Korea Times.
Canadians offer advice on enduring Korea's winters
Most parts of Korea have mild, short winters, at least according to most Canadians here. But that doesn't mean that we don't feel the cold the same as everyone else. We've had a lot of experience with worse weather and know how to cope - although sometimes we can be surprised living in a country like Korea, which isn't as winterized as our hometowns.
[Temple Adventures] Jesus' message at a Korean Buddhist temple
What would Christmas be like without eggnog, some turkey, Santa Claus and Jesus? And more pressingly, what does this all have to do with a Korean Buddhist temple? Well Seonji Temple in Gimhae, South Gyeongsang Province, is the answer to this little riddle. But while the temple has no relation to eggnog, turkey or Jolly Old Saint Nick, it most certainly does with Jesus.
'Tis the season: Where to find the best sweets, treats and takeout this Christmas
For residents of foreign nationality living abroad, the holidays can be a lonely time. In Korea, even though Christmas is typically for couples rather than families, it can be hard for expats not to compare their local experience to past celebrations surrounded by loved ones.
'Christmas with Camarata' resumes after 3 years
After three long and grueling years, Camarata Music is excited to present once again its heavily anticipated "Christmas with Camarata" concert.
Singapore punk band Iman's League returns to Korea for 6th time
Nuriman (Iman) Bin Mohd Nor is finally returning to Korea with his band, Singaporean melodic punk trio Iman's League, after more than two years away due to the pandemic. “This year will be our sixth time touring in Korea,” he told The Korea Times.
[Korea Times Archive] Remembering World Cup 2002
The 2002 World Cup hosted in Japan and Korea marked a major turning point in how the world saw Korea. The country placed fourth overall, and fanatical supporters filled the stadiums for every game, and when the stadiums filled up, they filled the streets.
[Temple Adventures] Mysterious legends surround Gwanchok Temple's 'Future Buddha' statue
You might not know the name of the statue. And you might not know the name of the temple where the statue is housed. In fact, you might not even know the city or the province where you might find this historic national treasure. However, once your eyes meet the “Stone Standing Maitreya Bodhisattva of Gwanchoksa Temple” you can't help but feel its peaceful paradoxical peculiar...
Korea's struggle with institutionalized mental healthcare
Solidarity Against Disability Discrimination (SADD) resumed demonstrations aboard Seoul subways on Nov. 7 during the rush hour commute. The protests followed a brief suspension during the national mourning period for Itaewon disaster victims. Despite criticism for heightening the risk of safety accidents and overcrowding, the activists see no other option to make their voices...
From party house to tea party: JustBe Temple offers new paths to Zen Buddhism
Bop Yo Sunim, a Zen Buddhist nun from Japan, was only planning to stay overnight at JustBe Temple ― a newly opened guesthouse and meditation center not far from Hongik University. “I just came for one day,” she told The Korea Times, pouring hot water into a small pot of black pearl tea.