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Tue, September 26, 2023 | 09:00
Local band Oily Rag flies to Japan
The year of Bovver has come to an end. The British skinhead, known to his friends only as Bovver, a Cockney word for violence, has left the country after a whirlwind year here. He shook up the local underground music scene, helping to energize it as it emerged out of the pandemic while also making plenty of friends and enemies.
Latvian-Korean fusion band improvises music
A performer asks the audience to shout out words. Once selected, the word is used to inspire the musicians on stage, and they launch into a new and unique creation. No two shows will ever be the same for LAproviKO, a Latvian-Korean fusion band whose name stands for “Latvia,” “improvisation” and “Korea.”
St. Patrick's Day celebration returns to Seoul
After four long years, the Irish Association of Korea is resuming its St. Patrick's Day festival this Saturday at D-Cube City by Sindorim Station on Seoul Metro lines 1 and 2.
Foreign residents struggle with Korea's 'impossible' body standards
Having beauty standards is not unique to Korea. Different countries and cultures have their own sets of criteria to determine what is and isn't 'desirable.' But Korean beauty standards border on the absurd. For women, a slim figure, flawlessly pale skin, distinctive jaw and large, double-lidded eyes are examples of the supposedly attractive - yet simultaneously unachievable -...
Take an early summer vacation with indie band Summer Salt
U.S.-based lounge-indie band Summer Salt has been lighting it up with its summery sound since the release of their 2014 debut album, “Driving to Hawaii.” Their lilting guitar sounds have struck a chord with fans who connect with the breezy aesthetic and dreamy lyrics.
Seoul indie-rock band Pop Ents ready to entertain
The Seoul-based alt-rock band Pop Ents took aim at self-help grifters, calling out “inauthentic self-help gurus, political grifters and podcast prophets in popular culture” throughout their first full-length album, “Best Seller,” released last September. They even released a small zine titled “How to Win at Life & Unfuck Yourself.”
Korea's 'K-Iceberg' continues to grow
Even if idol pop isn't your thing, there's no denying that K-pop has found worldwide fame and made a tangible impact on the lives of everyone in Korea. The term K-pop traces back to at least 1999, if not earlier, and that K-prefix has done a lot of heavy lifting in representing the nation and the hopes of the Korean public, economy and government for what it may become.
Bulgasari celebrates 20 years of experimental music in Seoul
It's been almost 20 years since the monster that is Bulgasari rose from the muck of the gentrifying neighborhood around Hongik University. Movie fans may be thinking about the 1985 North Korean film directed by the abducted Shin Sang-ok, or even the earlier 1962 film of the same name, but this Bulgasari is an entirely different beast.
[Interview] No rest for Chloe Flower, 'piano goddess'
On a winter afternoon, Korean American pianist, composer, producer and activist Chloe Flower arrives punctually at the Beaux-Arts Battery Maritime Building vaulted over Manhattan's East River. Cocooned in a black down puffer cloak, she seems no less potent than when unfurled at a piano in 3D couture with her hair volumized to its fullest extent.
Navigating the minefield of dating in Korea
Exasperation comes in tow with dating regardless of where you are in the world but, if all goes well, it can lead to a meaningful and long-lasting relationship. Unfortunately, there is also a lot that can go wrong. Dating in Korea is no exception.