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Reporter : Shim Jae-yun
Thu, June 8, 2023 | 10:23
Korea Times, APLN sign MOU for essay contest
The Korea Times and the Asia Pacific Leadership Network for Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament (APLN) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) Tuesday to hold an essay contest on the subject, “Nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament in the Asia-Pacific region.”
“The citizens are the mayor”: The personal legacy of Park Won-soon
“The citizens are the mayor” as late Mayor Park Won-soon would repeatedly remark during his countless speeches, domestic and abroad, and I feel it greatly sums up his servitude as the mayor of Seoul for his third and last term which lasted almost a decade. As the longest serving mayor of Seoul, he was definitely not your average, anachronistic mayor.
A doomed Middle East peace
TEL AVIV - Twenty years ago this month, U.S. President Bill Clinton invited Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and Palestine Liberation Organization Chairman Yasser Arafat to a peace summit at Camp David, in a bold effort to resolve one of the longest-running conflicts of modern times. Though no agreement was reached, the summit, in which I participated, was not a failure: the framework it produced became the foundation upon which Clinton built his “peace parameters” - the most equitable and realistic rendition of a two-state solution ever created. Why did nothing come of them?
American Indians see change coming
A football team finally discards a despised and derogatory name, and the U.S. Supreme Court unexpectedly holds Congress to account for promises more than a century old. These two decisions, one symbolic, one legal, should provide some genuine hope that despite so many challenges, society is capable of positive change.
DNS Technology CEO to head Saeshilla Rotary Club
DNS Technology CEO Lee Won-woo, center, cuts cakes with other dignitaries during a ceremony for his inauguration as president of the Saeshilla Rotary Club (RC) at the Bankers' Club in Myeong-dong, Thursday.
Artist Shim honored
Artist Shim honored: Prof. Shim Young-churl, left, of Suwon University, is given an award by Chung Kwan-mo, an honorary chairman of the Korean Fine Arts Association (KFAA), at the Korean Artist's Center in Seoul, Thursday, in recognition of her outstanding achievement in the fine arts. Shim heads an association of women sculptors. Courtesy of Shim Young-churl
[Provincial News] North Jeolla Province offers 'one card tour pass'
North Jeolla Province is offering a tourist pass for visitors to the province to for admission, parking, lodging, eating and shopping with just one card. Available as of today, the Jeonbuk Tour Pass is similar to the Korea Pass of the National Tourism Corp. and the City Pass of the Seoul Metropolitan Government. Tourists can choose one day pass for 6,900 won ($6), two days for 12,900 won or three days for 18,500 won. The province also provides a one-day ticket for famous tourist destinations such as the Jeonju Hanok Village for 4,200 won. Tourists who purchase the tour pass can take local bu...
Unification Minister hints at lifting NK sanctions
Unification Minister Ryu Kihl-jae said Friday that dialogue between South and North Korea will possibly lead to the lifting of the May 24 sanctions imposed against the reclusive state.
ASEAN Centers promoting cooperation
Secretaries-general and directors of the ASEAN-Korea Center, ASEAN-China Center and ASEAN-Japan Center met to discuss ways of promoting cooperation on the sidelines of the ASEAN Tourism Fair (ATF) in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar, Sunday.
North Korea renews call for ending joint military drills
North Korea renewed its demand for ending the joint military exercises between Seoul and Washington, Sunday, saying there would be no dialogue unless its demand was met.
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