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Thu, June 8, 2023 | 09:46
I held my nose and voted for Trump
There was no excuse whatsoever for my having failed to vote in the 2008, 2012 and 2016 presidential elections. The United States is a participatory democracy, and expats only have to take a few simple steps in order to cast a ballot. Thrice I did not, but it would be different in 2020.
Sanctions on North Korea ― Overused but underutilized
No one likes sanctions. They restrict trade, violate human rights, complicate humanitarian relief, and often do not work. Yet sanctions are used with increasing frequency in international relations to change behavior, constrain actors, and send normative signals. While they are undoubtedly over-used as a policy tool, they are paradoxically underutilized as an instrument for strategic bargaining and negotiation.
Cuba Bar
Moon's low-key response to NK
President Moon Jae-in came up with an official response Monday to the death of a South Korean official who was killed by North Koreans in the North's territorial waters. Moon expressed sorrow for having failed to protect the official, but stopped short of criticizing the North for shooting him.
Holiday health alert
The health authorities are on high alert over a possible resurgence of COVID-19 infections during the Sept. 30 to Oct. 4 Chuseok holiday. They cannot lower their guard against the pandemic as an increasing number of people are planning to visit tourist destinations across the country during the holiday, raising fears of another wave of coronavirus cases.
Wildfires and California policymaking
The influence of climate change on wildfire seasons can't be ignored, but California's leaders need to focus on more practical, near-term solutions to contain future wildfire outbreaks.
Russia poisons relations with the West
Alexei Navalny, Russia's top opposition politician who was poisoned on Aug. 20, is out of a coma. Navalny's case should prompt the U.S. and NATO nations to emerge from their own stupor regarding Russia, which is increasingly testing the West with its poisonous behavior.
Controversy over digital prison
Controversy is flaring over Digital Prison, a website disclosing the personal identities of alleged sex offenders. A recent apparent suicide of a university student whose identity was revealed on the website triggered concern over the legitimacy of such a name and shame system.
No, US isn't 'winning' at coronavirus testing. But we could be
President Donald Trump likes to say no one is testing for COVID-19 like the U.S. If by that he means no country has been as disorganized and scattershot when it comes to testing for the coronavirus, that would be easy to believe.
Economics and culture war
LONDON ― I have long criticized economics for its lack of realism, and for producing “models” of human behavior that are at best caricatures, and at worst parodies of the real thing. In my recent book What's Wrong with Economics?, I argue that, in their attempt to establish universal laws, economists willfully ignored the particularities of histories and culture.
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