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Reporter : Kim Hyun-bin
Thu, February 22, 2024 | 18:55
Korea, China streamline official document certification process
Korea and China are simplifying their official document certification process, with the latter implementing the Apostille Convention, Tuesday.
US secretaries of state, defense to visit S. Korea amid N. Korean satellite launch preparations
The U.S. secretaries of state and defense are scheduled to visit South Korea this week amid growing concerns about North Korea's preparations to launch a reconnaissance satellite with support from Russia.
N. Korea warns of nuclear capabilities as S. Korea, US, Japan up military cooperation
North Korea criticized the ongoing military cooperation among South Korea, the United States and Japan on Sunday, issuing a warning that the situation could potentially lead to a nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula.
Korea-Turkiye relations celebrated on 100th anniversary of Turkish Republic
The 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkiye was celebrated on Oct. 30 with warmth and enthusiasm as Turkish Ambassador to Korea Murat Tamer extended a heartfelt welcome to those attending the event, emphasizing the enduring and profound relationship between Seoul and Ankara.
Concert in Seoul sends message of hope for hostages in Israel-Hamas conflict
In a heartwarming event held on Wednesday morning in Seoul, Seoul National University's (SNU) Art Hall resonated with the harmonious melodies of piano and violin. The performance was dedicated to expressing hope for the safe return of hostages caught in the crossfire of the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict.
[INTERVIEW] Former Indonesian foreign minister highlights importance of expanding Korea-ASEAN cooperation
Former Indonesian Foreign Minister Hassan Wirajuda underscored the significance of strengthening relations between Korea and ASEAN during an interview with The Korea Times in Seoul, Tuesday, emphasizing the substantial opportunities that could benefit both sides.
Forum focuses on bolstering ASEAN-Korea ties
Renowned scholars and government officials from both Korea and ASEAN member states gathered at the 2023 ASEAN-Korea Forum, Tuesday, to discuss key issues surrounding the region and to mark the 35th anniversary of the ASEAN-Korea Dialogue Partnership.
Kazakhstan: a multifaceted Central Asian nation
ASTANA, Kazakhstan - Kazakhstan, located in the heart of Central Asia, is a vast and diverse nation renowned for its rich history, cultural variety and abundant natural resources.
Kazakh ambassador highlights strong relations with Korea
Kazakh Ambassador to Korea Nurgali Arystanov celebrated his country's close ties with Korea and underscored the significance of the burgeoning relationship between the two nations, Wednesday, marking Kazakhstan's Republic Day.
Opposition party raises questions over timing of probe into celebrity drug use issue
Members of the main opposition Democratic Party of Korea (DPK) have speculated that the Yoon Suk Yeol administration intentionally initiated the current suspected celebrity drug use ...
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