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Tue, May 30, 2023 | 10:56
Lamborghini starts sales of Huracan Tecnica in Korea
Lamborghini began sales of the Huracan Tecnica in the Korean market, Thursday, appealing to high-end supercar enthusiasts in the country. The Tecnica sports a 640-horsepower V10 engine with a maximum torque of 57.6 kg?m. The sports car was unveiled at a media event in Gangnam district in Seoul.
Hyundai Motor, LG Electronics step up to help Busan win World Expo bid
Hyundai Motor Group and LG Electronics are upping their efforts to help Korea win its bid host the 2030 World Expo in Busan. Hyundai Motor Group said Wednesday it invited high-ranking officials from major countries in Latin America to Hyundai Motor Studio Busan, the automaker's brand experience center, to explain the southern port city's competitiveness as a venue for the glo...
Companies brace for growing uncertainties in 2nd half
Korean companies are expected to face growing uncertainties in the second half of this year, as soaring energy and raw material costs, coupled with higher interest rates and the won's falling value against the dollar, continue to weigh on production, consumption and investment, according to company officials.
Peugeot launches New 308 with brand-new emblem
Peugeot launched its New Peugeot 308 in Korea equipped with the brand's latest emblem, aiming to introduce a stylish hatchback targeting the MZ generation (Millennials and Generation Z) during a launch ceremony held in Seoul, Wednesday.
Will Torres SUV save Ssangyong Motor?
Ssangyong Motor officially launched the Torres SUV, providing customers with more options to choose trendy SUVs with sleek designs and well-rounded technologies. Ssangyong Motor unveiled the Torres at a media showcase in Nest Hotel on Incheon's Yeongjong Island, Tuesday, with around 300 people in attendance including executives and employees. The Torres Media Showcase was hel...
EV fires could hinder transition to eco-friendly vehicles
Unexpected electric vehicle (EV) fires that have made headlines recently are causing concern that they could hold back the rapid transition to eco-friendly vehicles. On June 4, a Hyundai IONIQ 5 EV collided with a toll gate and was engulfed in flames within seconds. The driver and a passenger died as they could not escape from the burning car, and it took seven hours to extin...
Hyundai Motor Group launches investment unit in US for future businesses
Hyundai Motor Group established a new investment unit in the U.S. as part of the investment pledge made by Hyundai Motor Group Chairman Chung Euisun during U.S. President Joe Biden's visit to Korea in May. According to the announcement of the Financial Supervisory Service, Hyundai Motor Group established the affiliate, “HMG Global Limited Liability Company (LLC),” in Delaware...
Samsung chief's daughter to attend Colorado College in fall
Lee Won-ju, the daughter of Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong, is scheduled to attend Colorado College in the U.S. for the fall semester, according to local reports, Thursday. Colorado College is a private liberal arts college in Colorado Springs, which was established in 1874 as one of the most prestigious liberal arts colleges in the U.S.
LG, Hanwha, LS eye EV charging biz for future growth
Major conglomerates are jumping into the electric vehicles (EV) charging business as a new future growth engine and aim to create synergy with other affiliates within the group, according to company officials, Wednesday. S-Traffic, which spun off from Samsung SDS, is currently leading the domestic EV charging market, while other major conglomerates such as LG Electronics, Han...
Can Ssangyong Motor recover under KG management?
The new owner of Ssangyong Motor has been confirmed to be KG Group, Korea's 71st-largest conglomerate which also operates the country's biggest online payment service. All eyes are now on whether KG will succeed in normalizing operations at the ailing SUV maker, which was on the verge of bankruptcy. Many experts believe the key is to improve the automaker's unstable financial...