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Reporter : Kim Hyun-bin
Fri, July 1, 2022 | 00:57
Jeju Air to enhance competitiveness via cargo, new routes
Jeju Air, the country's largest low-cost carrier (LCC) by sales, will enhance its competitiveness by entering the cargo business and launching new international routes, the company CEO said Tuesday. He said that these changes, together with the countries' moves to ease quarantine measures, which bring hope for increased domestic and foreign air demand, should create a busines...
KCCI to host Jeju Forum
The Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) is scheduled to host the 45th Jeju Forum at Jeju Haevichi Hotel Resort for three days from July 13, inviting prominent speakers to address critical issues surrounding the business environment. The Jeju Forum is the largest corporate summer forum in Korea, but was suspended for three years due to COVID-19.
[Test Drive] Lamborghini Huracan EVO Spyder embodies both luxury and speed
Sant'Agata, Italy - Lamborghini is one of the first brands that come to mind when thinking of high-end supercars. And as the “raging bull” emblem suggests, drivers need to be ready for the speed and power its supercars bring.
[INTERVIEW] 'Volkswagen Group Korea to create synergy, efficiency among affiliated brands'
Bologna, Italy-Till Scheer, group managing director of Volkswagen Group Korea (VWGK), says the key reason for establishing VWGK is to enhance synergy and efficiency among its brands launched in Korea. The company changed its name from Audi Volkswagen Korea to Volkswagen Group Korea on March 31, after 18 years in the Korean market.
Volkswagen Group 'New Auto' aims to fulfill electrification prowess
Zwickau, Germany - The Volkswagen Group is in the process of conducting a major restructuring by transitioning from the traditional car manufacturing hardware business to become a global leading software mobility corporation through its “New Auto” initiative. The New Auto strategy focuses on four major segments - mechatronics, software, mobility and batteries and charging.
LCC international passengers doubled in May, but number still small
The number of passengers on low-cost carriers (LCC) nearly doubled in May from the previous month, but is still small, accounting for only 3 percent of sales compared to before the COVID-19 pandemic. For a quick recovery of business, LCCs are calling on the government to take proactive measures to tackle problems such as expensive air tickets and excessive quarantine regulati...
Samsung chief to visit Netherlands to seek cooperation with ASML
Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong is reportedly scheduled to visit Europe from June 7 to 18 to seek the cooperation of ASML of the Netherlands, one of the world's leading manufacturers of chip-making equipment. ASML is the only company in the world that produces extreme ultraviolet (EUV) exposure equipment, which is needed for ultra-fine semiconductor processing.
Hyosung chairman wins Korea Management Award
Hyosung Group Chairman Cho Hyun-joon was awarded the 52nd Korea Management Award by the Korea Management Association (KMA). “It is very honorable and meaningful to receive this award for the second time after my father, Honorary Chairman Cho Seok-rae received the Korea Management Award in 1994,” Cho said.
Conglomerates continue to bet on bio market
The domestic bioindustry has been called the “grave of large corporations” as many have suffered failures in the sector. While uncertainties surrounding new drug development remain a hurdle, the country's aging population and rise of the sector amid the COVID-19 pandemic are prompting conglomerates to bet on it once again.
Lee Jae-yong expands presence in business scene once again
Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong is expanding his presence in the business scene, fueling the expectation that he will more actively engage in management personally following the inauguration of the new government. Lee attended the “2022 Samsung Ho-Am Prize Ceremony” held at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul, Tuesday, for the first time in six years. He personally hoste...
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