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Reporter : Park Han-sol
Sun, December 3, 2023 | 03:52
[INTERVIEW] Illustrator reimagines tarot deck with Korean-style twist
For centuries, tarot, a set of cards that are believed to have their origin in Central Europe from the Late Middle Ages, has enchanted curious minds from all walks of life - whether they are seeking to have their fortune read, trying to reflect on their life decisions or simply looking for a fun party trick for the night.
Swiss artist Heidi Bucher's 'skinning' of patriarchal spaces speaks of metamorphosis, liberation
A room is suspended in midair, furnished with period doors, windows, wooden panels and a radiator in one corner. While perfectly enterable, it's not a solidly rendered space; rather, it's a spectral cast of the architecture - or, as Swiss artist Heidi Bucher (1926-93) put it, the “skin” of it.
Alexander Calder's mobiles form dialogue with Lee U-fan's stones at Kukje Gallery
Whether they are two artfully placed boulders seemingly leaning in for a kiss or light-as-air metal mobiles swaying gently in the wind, sculptures, in their own distinctive ways, remain in dialogue with - and even transform - the space they inhabit.
Edward Hopper's first-ever retrospective in Korea untangles 20th-century realist icon
Edward Hopper (1882-1967) is a painter whose art is as enigmatic as it is iconic. His most celebrated masterpiece, “Nighthawks,” captures the essence of urban loneliness through a hauntingly mysterious snapshot of a brightly-lit all-night diner in an otherwise deserted streetscape.
MMCA director Youn Bum-mo resigns from post
Youn Bum-mo, who has helmed the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea (MMCA) since 2019, has officially stepped down as director without completing his three-year term, which was set to last until early 2025, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism said, April 18.
[INTERVIEW] Man's mission to keep Jeju Island's 'doldam' stone wall tradition alive
JEJU ISLAND - Jeju Island goes by a handful of monikers, the most prominent of which, although somewhat well-worn, is “samdado,” or the island of three types of abundance: women, stones and wind.
Art Busan to return with its largest edition, inclusion of AI docent for 1st time
Art Busan 2023, one of Korea's leading art fairs based in the southeastern port city, is set to return with its largest edition yet at the Busan Exhibition and Convention Center (BEXCO) early next month.
'2086: Together How?': Korean Pavilion to suggest how choices shape our climate future at Venice Biennale
The year 2086 is projected to be a watershed for humanity when the global population peaks at just over 10.4 billion people, according to the 2022 World Population Prospects report released by the United Nations.
Korean culture from craft art to cuisine to be highlighted in three Italian cities
A festival dedicated to Korean crafts, cuisine and traditional culture is set to unfold in three different Italian cities later this month.
Gwangju Biennale becomes watery feast for eyes and ears
GWANGJU - Fluid and pliable, water yields to whatever change comes its way, ready to take on any form at all times. Its ability to embrace even seemingly impossible contradictions is what ultimately makes it an irresistible force of change.
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