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Tue, November 29, 2022 | 16:45
[INTERVIEW] Lee Byung-hun resonated with father character in 'Emergency Declaration'
Actor Lee Byung-hun, one of the most prolific actors in Korea, is set to return to the silver screen with the new disaster action film, “Emergency Declaration,” two years after the political flick, “The Man Standing Next,” in 2020. The actor shared that his character of a devoted father, and the theme of the film deeply resonated with him.
[INTERVIEW] Song Kang-ho drawn to message of disaster blockbuster 'Emergency Declaration'
Actor Song Kang-ho is set to show another film for the year as the lead of the new disaster blockbuster, “Emergency Declaration," following the drama film, “Broker,” that won him the Best Actor award at the Cannes Film Festival this May. “There are a lot of disaster movies, not only in Korea but also in Hollywood. But the fact that 'Emergency Declaration' is trying to deliver...
Director, writer of 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' eager to tell story of those on autism spectrum
The creators of the ongoing hit series, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” said that they wanted to tell the story of a person on the autism spectrum. “Normally for a story that features an autistic person, many creators would set the narrative to be from a non-autistic person and depict the autism spectrum from that person's perspective,” the series' writer, Moon Ji-won, said dur...
Break up or make up: dating shows featuring ex-couples enjoy boom
The reality show, “We Got Divorced,” featuring former couples reuniting after their split, kicked off in November 2020 and created a buzz with its concept, as it was rare for divorced couples to star in a show together in Korea. The show that featured former celebrity couples reflecting on their relationship saw a strong viewership rating, earning a second season, which ended...
Korea's figure skating icon Kim Yuna to wed singer Ko Woo-rim
Figure skater Kim Yuna, the 2010 Winter Olympics gold medalist, will marry singer Ko Woo-rim, a member of crossover vocal quartet Forestella. All That Sports, the agency of Korea's skating legend, and Ko's agency, Beat Interactive, said Monday that Kim, 32, and Ko, 27, will tie the knot “at the end of this October in Seoul.”
Seo Hyun-jin says 'Why Her' taught her more about herself
Actress Seo Hyun-jin said that her recent role as determined lawyer Oh Soo-jae in SBS' legal romance series, “Why Her,” led her to reflect on herself. “I learned more about working on the set and about me as a person through this series,” Seo said in an interview through her agency, Management Soop, Sunday, a day after the series ended. “This particular work had a long produc...
Park Bo-young, Yeon Woo-jin to star in new Netflix original series
Actors Park Bo-young and Yeon Woo-jin will be leading Netflix's upcoming original series, “Daily Dose of Sunshine,” led by director Lee Jae-Gyu, who previously led the platform's zombie apocalyptic series, “All of Us Are Dead.” The streaming platform announced Thursday that the two have confirmed their roles in its new series, along with Jang Dong-yoon and Lee Jung-eun.
Netflix's 'Remarriage & Desires' director, Kim Hee-sun on portraying matchmaking agency
Using the services of a matchmaking firm to find the right partner for marriage is not as common in other countries as it still is in Korea, so the unusual concept of matchmaking for the super-rich might intrigue some viewers overseas, said Kim Jung-min, the creator and director of Netflix's new original series, “Remarriage & Desires.”
'Extraordinary Attorney Woo's' take on autism spectrum becomes sensation
Autism spectrum characters have popped up in Korean dramas or films once in a while. Yet, it seemed very rare for those characters to become the center of the show's spotlight, as they are rather placed in minor or supporting roles. However, the recent series, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” not only challenged such notions by having a lawyer on the autism spectrum as the lead ...
August to offer many new drama series premieres
August will see the premieres of an array of different genre series, from legal to period comedy dramas. KBS is set to roll out the new legal romance series, “The Law Cafe,” starring actor and singer Lee Seung-gi who is returning from his powerful role as a psychopath in last year's mystery crime series, “Mouse.”
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