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Reporter : Jung Da-hyun
Sat, February 24, 2024 | 01:17
Voters irritated by excessive election-related phone, text canvassing
In the lead-up to the upcoming general elections, which are scheduled for April 10, citizens are expressing frustration over an excessive number of calls and text messages from potential candidates seeking support.
Rival parties' pledges to bury railways underground criticized for being unrealistic, populist
In the lead-up to the upcoming general elections slated for April, rival parties are scrambling to announce ambitious pledges, including those to bury railways underground in major cities. However, criticism is growing as experts pointed out that such pledges lack specific plans such as how to secure finances.
Seoul's unlimited transit pass faces supply shortage as popularity soars
The Climate Card, Seoul’s new unlimited transit pass, is facing a supply shortage due to soaring demand, according to the Seoul Metropolitan Government, Friday. Launched on Jan. 23, the card provides access to all bus routes, subway lines and the city's bike-sharing service known as Ttareungyi, for a monthly fee of 65,000 won ($49).
Seoul strengthens crackdown on political banners ahead of elections
In an effort to curb the indiscriminate proliferation of political banners, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has strengthened inspections of political banners following the implementation of the Outdoor Advertisement Act on Jan. 12.
Seoul to start river bus service in October
Seoul will launch a river bus service in October that will connect Magok in the northwestern part of the capital to Jamsil in the southeast along the Han River waterway, the city government announced, Thursday.
Fire chief's investigation prompts massive recall to prevent further vehicle fires
Yang Won-seok, a 44-year-old fire investigator stationed at Yongin Fire Station in Gyeonggi Province, has spearheaded a proactive vehicle recall after uncovering a critical component in certain vehicles that poses a fire hazard.
Gov't unveils user-friendly guide to life in Korea for immigrants
The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family unveiled a user-friendly guide to life in Korea for immigrants, Wednesday, underscoring its accessibility to individuals with basic Korean language skills.
Busan selects three districts for specialized visa program
The Busan Metropolitan Government announced, Tuesday, that three depopulated districts in Busan have been chosen as target areas for the Ministry of Justice's regional specialized visa program.
Seoul's brand pop-up store to open in Seongsu this week
The Seoul Metropolitan Government will open a pop-up store in Seongsu-dong, a trendy neighborhood in Seongdong District, for a four-day run from Thursday.
Pigeon control
A pigeon stands in front of an entrance to Hapjeong Station on Seoul Metro Line 2 in western Seoul's Mapo District, Tuesday, where a photo of a bald eagle has been posted above the entrance to the station. In response to complaints about pigeons entering the station, Seoul Metro has attached photos of the menacing North American airborne predator in an attempt to scare them o...
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