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Reporter : Kim Bo-eun
Thu, February 22, 2024 | 20:26
Hong Kong sports center owners get back on their feet after COVID-19 shutdown
HONG KONG - During Hong Kong's fifth COVID-19 wave, when basically all establishments were closed in the evenings and there was little to do outside of the home except for taking a stroll in parks, one could easily spot trainers with their trainees there. What appeared to be nice outdoor sessions were actually trainers trying to survive through the four-month shutdown of spor...
'Can you tell I'm not Korean?'
HONG KONG - “It seems to be the case that Korea sees a rise in perfectionists, as in a competitive society, people need to strive to become better versions of themselves to maintain a better-quality life and satisfy one's parents that have invested much resources in them,” Wendy Lam, 21, a Hong Konger, says in almost-perfect Korean intonation. Lam was one of 14 contestants in...
Regulatory clarity is key feature of Hong Kong as fintech hub: fintech association
HONG KONG - Deregulation is often cited as the key to spurring innovation and the growth of markets. But the latest Terra-triggered cryptocurrency crash is shedding light on the importance of having a sound regulatory regime. Hong Kong has developed into a fintech hub, backed by its status as a global financial center, and also by an adequate regulatory environment, the head ...
Can Indo-Pacific Economic Framework help South Korea reduce reliance on China?
HONG KONG ― South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol is gearing up to reorganize the country's trade relations by reducing its dependence on China and building “supply chain alliances.” The world's No. 2 economy is by far South Korea's largest trading partner, accounting for 25 percent of total trade last year, followed by the United States whose share stands at 15 percent.
What do Hong Kong students think of Korea?
HONG KONG - Korea's pickled cabbage side dish kimchi, the country's traditional attire hanbok and surprisingly - the distilled liquor soju - are some of the things Hong Kong teens widely associate with Korea, a recent event revealed. These were visible elements in pictures drawn by middle and high school students in Hong Kong, in a drawing contest hosted by the Korean Cultura...
How will South Korea-China relations unfold under Yoon administration?
HONG KONG - South Korea's new leader Yoon Suk-yeol's evident siding with the U.S. has had observers projecting that ties with China will weaken under the new administration. The new president's plans to boost engagement with Washington in security and trade comes at a time when the U.S. rivalry with Beijing is escalating in the Indo-Pacific region.
Will South Korea boost ties with Europe amid China-US rivalry?
HONG KONG - The European Union (EU) appears to be increasingly reaching out to economies in Asia, as the world's largest trading bloc reassesses its economic ties with China and seeks greater engagement with the Indo-Pacific region. The EU Council, composed of government ministers from each EU country, endorsed its Indo-Pacific strategy in October and has been accelerating mo...
Longstanding group serves Koreans in Hong Kong
HONG KONG - Hong Kong's handover to China by the U.K. and the Asian financial crisis were some of the major events that made headlines in the city in the past decades. But those events are fairly recent milestones compared to the history of the Korean Residents Association of Hong Kong, which has stood through thick and thin since its founding. The group supporting Koreans ha...
Hong Kong remains important trade partner for S. Korea
HONG KONG - The geopolitical situation in Asia continues to evolve, but Korea and Hong Kong remain important trading partners, data shows. Bilateral trade is set to get a further boost in the coming years when Hong Kong joins the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), the world's largest trade bloc, which Korea is also a member of.
Will Korea accelerate efforts to relocate supply chain bases from China?
HONG KONG - With its cheap and abundant manpower, China has long relished its role as the so-called world's factory, offering lower production costs to lure global brands and retain domestic manufacturers for decades. But a gradual rise in expenses, such as labor costs, has been weakening China's role as a go-to source of production for companies over the past five years, acc...
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